Putting Your Kontakt.io Telemetry Data to Use

November 30, 2017

Many beacon users out there need better tools for tracking and monitoring. While tags can do several jobs, more real-time data would mean the ability to make more changes in real-time and over time. Now our Beacon Pro users can leverage our Telemetry data packets to understand their assets, operations, and employees in all new detail.
Telemetry for your Beacon Pro can be quickly and easily enabled. Simply turn on via our Kontakt.io Panel and deliver the update to your beacons using the Administration App.* There are five different sensors you can leverage alongside five different API templates to make your developers’ jobs easier.
*Beacon Pros firmware must be 1.10 or above and user will need the latest version of Kontakt.io Administration App.

Putting beacon telemetry data to use

  • Understand​ ​how​ ​often​ ​an​ ​asset​ ​is​ ​being​ ​used to reduce overpurchasing and speed up processes. Attach the Beacon Pro to any asset and track how often and where it is most frequently used. Specify what kinds of movements to track in order to reduce unnecessary data.
  • Automate​ ​repetitive​ ​tasks to save employees’ time and reduce errors.​ ​Use telemetry data collected from sensors to record temperature data or environmental changes.
  • Optimize​ ​workflows to decrease errors, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve decision making processes. Analyze how often and where the staff spends more time.
  • Quickly​ ​identify​ ​underutilized​ ​assets​. Save time looking for an assets and locating tools that are not often used.

Telemetry use cases by vertical

How will your industry use telemetry? Every industry and manager can use this data differently. Importantly, the key to solving real business problems won’t be just the technology. It’s finding the right use case. Here are a few common usages.

Healthcare Logistics Public Venues
Automate daily temperature checks of goods and spaces Identify how long vehicles are or are not in use Ensure security of locked windows and doors
Confirm employee rounds Track and understand falls of expensive materials Detect visitor entrance, movements, and dwell times
Expedite nurse and internal calls Better track equipment usage and vibration Track certain resource usage and inventory changes

Get started with Kontakt.io Telemetry

Telemetry data is not broadcast by default as it does affect the battery level. To activate, simply apply changes in the Kontakt.io Panel and then relay those to your Beacon Pros via the Administration App. All Beacon Pro’s with firmware 1.10 and can use telemetry data.
Exactly how much excess energy is consumed due to the telemetry packets will vary by interval. You can expect the battery life to be consumed roughly twice as fast with telemetry enabled. However, this can also be greatly optimized. Users can program their beacons to broadcast only when movement is detected. This should have a large effect on many use case scenarios.
Similarly, the latency will also vary. For example, there are three steps for the data flow: Gateway -> Cloud and Cloud -> User Computer. The latency from device to customer can be up to 6 seconds with the interval 350ms.
In short, there’s nothing standing between you and valuable telemetry data. New beacon technology and use cases continue to develop, and it’s clear telemetry can make a big difference for several industries and pain points. Be sure to update or grab your Beacon Pros and get started!

Aneta Ciurkot

Director, Product Marketing

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