New Products Push Boundaries of Industrial IoT

The beacon space is changing–fast. We have enjoyed shaping the market, even shipping more beacons in 2015 than any other firm, but we also know that future enterprise requires futuristic solutions.
We wanted to take everything we learned about the beacon industry and use it to bring a more realistic and affordable beacon solution to the market.
We are releasing four new products, and they represent a new generation in how we think about beacons.


Your beacons should not rely on a smartphone or human interaction to generate value. Their real value lies in the ability to automate processes from start to finish. They must be developed to understand their surroundings, push data to the cloud, integrate with existing ecosystems, and automate processes or access rights. In short, they should be part of the glue that binds industry 4.0’s many moving parts.

Empowering the IoT with better beacons

More than anything, we believe these new products not only draw on our strengths but also fulfill our mission of combining hardware, software, and services with expertise to deliver the most genuinely effective products on the market.

These products are designed to coax a more mature industrial IoT network out of existing and legacy technologies. You don’t have to toss your RFID tags or burn your NFC systems. But, from now onwards, you will not have to sweat the details. With years of battery life, remote capabilities, and the possibilities afforded by the Location Engine, our newest beacon products embody our desire to shape the industry.

Four pillars: four products

We want to provide the industrial IoT with the best tools to move forward. This is not just about making exciting, buzz-worthy products or smacking new colors and features on old technology. This is about shifting the conversation toward developing technologies.
The Card Beacon might be small but ground breaking work went into make it the slimmest beacon yet.
The Beacon Pro is not only chargeable and long-lasting, it is smart. It knows its environment and facilitates the move to automated industry.
The Gateway will erase the need for smartphones or human interaction to push data to the cloud.
Combined with the Location Engine, truly proximity-based events (the kind IoT-lovers have dreamed about) are easy. This kind of technology is paramount to the evolution of industrial IoT, and we hope that what is now only a beta will become a movement.

The future is connected


“We are standing before the era of affordable IoT that can finally cover not only specific processes, but everything within a building. Everything from machines to people can use one infrastructure and the same language. When these actors can talk to each other it will create true efficiency.”
Szymon Niemczura, Co-founder and CEO at  

Beacons and their toolkits will help bring about the complete connectivity that the industrial IoT movement is fighting for.
Our mission remains the same: take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on your core strengths and objectives. These products represent not only our desire to help customers but our role as a technology developer. We hope our customers are as excited to test our new products as we were to create them.
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