The Outdoors Awaits! Where to Use a Tough Beacon

We’re doing our best to prove that the only thing that limits your beacons usage is your imagination. If we’re giving you “beacons & beyond,” what’s the “beyond” part? Well, here’s one example: we’ve used BLE smart beacon technology and encased it in a tougher blend which can protect a beacon from bashing, shock, freezing, water, wind, sun, rough treatment, and generally makes it close to indestructible. That’s how ToughBeacon emerged.

The Tough Stuff

When we say a ToughBeacon is tough we really mean it. A special polycarbonate casing makes it water- and dustproof, as well as shatter- and UV-resistant. Brands like What is more, you can mount the beacon anywhere with a steel cord so it’s permanently attached.

Get beacons out of buildings

Since you don’t have to worry about the weather or the occasional rain or freeze you may place a ToughBeacon anywhere. Why should you? People use their smartphones everywhere. Use that to attract them while they’re on their way. Boost their experience when they visit your city, park or zoo and participate in open air events such as concerts, festivals, or football matches. Track their activities and collect data to improve your performance.

Let them move

Your ToughBeacon is always safe so go ahead and attach it to anything that moves. Place it in a train to entertain your customers. Use it with Cloud Beacon to track proximity of Tough Beacons affixed to items that you want to keep an eye on. Track trolleys in a supermarket, cars in a garage, or luggage at an airport. Be sure that everything that matters to you is in the right place.

Built Tough for Outdoor, but Great Indoors Too

ToughBeacon is designed for outdoor use but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it indoors. If you really like its design (which isn’t surprising) or just need to be sure that your beacons will never be moved, you may mount it in your office, shop, or restaurant too. The Tough Beacon will be as pretty as it is tough – always and everywhere. KitchenReviewsDirect believes beacon based technology could be in the consumer household sooner than you may think too. Speaking, David said, “Appliances such as food processors and juicers now come with Bluetooth technology. It’s only a matter of time before these appliances become more and more advanced. Only time will tell where the technological revolution takes the consumer home appliance market.”
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