New Products Launched to Simplify the IoT

November 6, 2018

Continuing on our mission of simplifying IoT, is proud to announce two big additions to our core offering in 2018. The first is the launch of not one, not two, but THREE new products! But wait…. there's more! We are opening the Platform to third-party Bluetooth devices so that you can quickly and easily onboard any Bluetooth device to the Platform, facilitating countless new business cases. Read more here. This is yet another step in’s commitment to reduce the complexity associated with IoT solutions while improving business outcomes.
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Table of contents:

  1. Bracelet Tag  - the first tag in the form of a bracelet
  2. Card Tag  - the smartest card tag on the market
  3. Tough Beacon  - the next generation of outdoor beacons
  4. Opening Platform to third-party Bluetooth devices

You asked. We delivered.

Over the past 6 years, we have developed the industry's most advanced beacons, tags, Bluetooth LE firmware and IoT device management platform built for IT professionals. And we aren’t stopping here. Over the last few years, as the number and variety of IoT use cases have been increasing, so too has the need for different features, sensors, and form factors for IoT products. That’s why we have been enhancing our core devices and developing brand new products for you, our users.

Introducing’s first button-equipped Bracelet Tag BT18-3

After popular demand, we bring you the Bracelet Tag (BT18-3), the first tag in the form of a bracelet. It is equipped with a button, motion sensor and temperature sensor to improve the safety and security in areas as diverse as elderly care facilities, hospitals, workplaces, schools, and cruise ships.
The BT18-3 allows caretakers, administrators or parents instant access to the location of the user.  In a school, at an amusement park, or around a hospital building, this tracking device provides real-time location to ensure the continuous safety and security of the user.

With BT18-3 you can:

  • See immediately where, when and who is calling for help thanks to a built-in panic button, and the accessible cloud platform.
  • Receive notifications that can be triggered if someone enters or exits a specific area or spends too much time in an environment that is too hot or cold.

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The Smartest BLE Card Tag on the Market

The Card Tag CT18-3 is the successor to our Card Beacon CT16-2. It is IP65 compliant and equipped with a button, temperature and motion sensors. CT18-3 is designed for improving safety and security within the hospitality industry, schools, and workplaces.
ID badges are used in almost every workplace, from hotels to factories, very often the worker are required to carry their badges and additional devices to help them communicate with one another. Continuing on our mission of simplifying IoT, our goal is to reduce the number of devices you need to carry in order to perform your role effectively and be reached in case of an emergency. That is what the CT18-3 accomplishes.

With the CT18-3 you can:

  • Equip hotel staff with the CT18-3 and they can simply press the panic button on their badge to send an automated alert to predefined first-responders who can instantly determine when and where help is needed. As easy as clicking a button.
  • Replace the traditional student badges with a smart student ID badge to track if students are in the classroom thereby saving time compared to traditional attendance taking, or to locate them immediately in case of emergency.

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Next generation of outdoor beacons. More for less.

Introducing the Tough Beacon TB18-2, IP65 compliant, equipped with temperature and motion sensor, TB18-2 is the successor to the Tough Beacon TB15-1. With a ruggedized casing, more than 7 years of battery life and a Bluetooth 5 ready chipset, the Tough Beacon TB18-2 is the new go-to outdoor beacon for asset tracking, wayfinding, and condition monitoring. RWe has eliminated the problem of replacing the batteries every 1-2 years by empowering the TB18-2 with two batteries that can last for more than 7 years on a 1-second interval.

With the TB18-2 you can:

  • Automatically trigger actions, alerts, depending on the level of the temperature or movement.
  • Determine if an asset (to which the beacon has been attached) has been moved from its intended position or exposed to temperatures that exceed limitations for the transport of goods, thanks to the built-in accelerometer.
  • last but not least, easily deploy wherever you need it thanks to two mounting brackets!
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Opening Platform to third-party Bluetooth devices

Proudly announcing that the Cloud Platform is now open to third-party Bluetooth devices! Providing complete control and management of all Bluetooth devices through a single platform. This means that all of the features and use cases made possible by the hardware and Platform are now readily available to all Bluetooth devices. Read more here.
We also can’t wait to hear from you! Tell us what think about our new product lineup or share any questions or comments you might have below.
Need more? If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

P.S. We have updated all names in our store! See what has been changed:

Previously Now
Bluetooth Tag S18-3 Asset Tag S18-3 
Bluetooth Beacon SB18-3            Smart Beacon SB18-3
Beacon Pro Beacon Pro BP16-3
USB Beacon USB Beacon UB16-2
Tough Beacon Tough Beacon TB15-1
Card Beacon Card Tag CT16-2
Beacon Smart Beacon SB16-2
Gateway Gateway GW16-2

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