Location tracking solutions in Manufacturing set for growth

The manufacturing industry has a growing demand for BLE location tracking solutions as a proven way to reduce operating costs and improve performance. Learn how is meeting this demand with its end-to-end solution offering.

Automation and artificial intelligence are poised to ascend and master the “art” of manufacturing in the coming decades. A recent article from McKinsey is a telling reminder that at some point in the future, most manufacturing jobs will have the potential to be fully automated thereby saving companies billions and creating new value for seemingly everyone.

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However, the range of companies and the challenges they face each day will not hold off for this future machine-dominated utopia. They need solutions today that reduce their operating costs while future-proofing their businesses. RTLS technology, or location tracking, has established itself as one of these prized solutions. It helps manufacturers track assets and staff to improve performance and lower operating costs. By 2022, over 50% of European manufacturers plan to implement a location tracking solution.
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Why Bluetooth LE is optimal for location tracking

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the technology enabling enterprise-grade RTLS solutions for reasons well-established. Total cost of ownership, performance, and usability round out a list of reasons why BLE is the optimal solution for the majority of tracking needs in manufacturing today.

Tracking Assets – where did all the tools go?

It may come as a surprise to know that a persistent pain point that precedes the performance of a tool or machine is in fact just finding it. As it is quite common for a manufacturing line to rotate machinery based on production stage or the product being produced–equipment can be lost. One of the common use cases that leverages location tracking is tracking assets required to perform a job. Since time spent searching for the right tool is time wasted. And in manufacturing, every minute counts.
Once we have our tools, we can then track the location of parts as they move through the production line. How long have they been at each station? Who has been working on them? Added sensors can show whether the object was dropped, how fast it was moving, and other environmental conditions.

Tracking Workers – where did all the workers go?

Knowing who is on the production floor, when they arrived, how long they stayed, and other location data is valuable for a number of reasons: compliance, security, and increased performance among them. Reasons that are putting pressure on companies to do more with less. This is where a BLE location tracking solution is extremely useful. The ability to gain a real-time overview of personnel anywhere, anytime, is what is required to gain transparency and implement valuable change.

The Bluetooth LE Location Tracking Solution

Bluetooth LE location tracking is straightforward simple, consisting of beacons, gateways, and the software that gathers and analyzes the data (check out the best practises for deploying beacons).
At, we live and breathe end-to-end solutions. Our expertise is in delivering end-to-end solutions that are modular, interoperable, and ready to be deployed.

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