July 27, 2022 | 2 minute

Learn the “Secret Sauce” of a Better Employee Experience Environment in our New Webinar

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We’ve said it many times already so maybe one more time won’t hurt – the pandemic has changed the modern workspace in ways we’re just starting to understand.


There are several challenges that complicate the path forward.


For many organizations, the need to persuade staff working in a hybrid or remote model that it’s worth spending more time in the office is key. This means creating a better, more comfortable work environment that promotes productivity in ways pre-pandemic spaces did not.


On top of that, many stakeholders are faced with right-sizing their real estate commitments to align with the space they really need, given how many staff are there part-time or not at all because of fully remote work. Even at currently depressed corporate real estate prices, resizing can mean significant savings while over-purchasing means unnecessary costs for unused space.


These are among the topics we will address in our next episode within the Humanizing Buildings series of webinars focused on examining the new standards in occupant experience and solving the needs of modern employees. If you’re looking for ways to get your staff to spend more time in the office, get your spending on real estate in line with your actual needs and more, join us to learn how IoT-based solutions are solving these and other challenges.



In this latest episode, we’ll share how the secret sauce behind these solutions, data, is the key to making better decisions about reshaping your space to match employee needs and preferences. We’ll also cover how convenient workplace apps can streamline room reservations, desk booking, and more – all in the context of making the workplace experience better and enticing staff to choose to spend more time there.


Sign up now and join us on Thursday, August 25 at 11 AM ET (New York) for Humanizing Buildings: A Look Into New Standards in Occupant Experience Solving the Needs of Modern Employees for an inside look at