Launching Bluetooth Beacon HD18-3

Launching Bluetooth Beacon HD18-3

2018 for the beacon industry is about new use cases, big-scale deployments, and long-term planning.

As the beacon market is getting more mature, so are becoming the beacon projects we’ve seen our customers tackle with. Not only are the beacons entering new spaces and applications, we’re also observing that new rollouts are being planned with long terms in mind. Long lifetime is becoming substantial to such deployments.

2017 brought us two insights.

First, the beacon market mature resulting in deployments planned not for a demo or a short proof of concept but the roll out of more permanent infrastructure. This requires a beacon that lasts more than 5 years and is ready for Bluetooth 5.

Second, Bluetooth beacons move into applications beyond indoor navigation and proximity marketing – industrial applications like the navigation of luggage vehicles on a airport runway come into focus. These applications require a product that is able to withstand large temperature ranges, the impact of rain and now plus mechanical stresses while last long. These needs we address with the Bluetooth Beacon HD18-3 today.

Meet our first waterproof, Bluetooth-5-ready, accelerometer-equipped Bluetooth Beacon HD18-3 with a 10 year battery life.

Discover Bluetooth Beacon HD18-3

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  • Aneta Ciurkot

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