Kontakt.io’s Proximity Studio Is Now Open!

October 26, 2016

We’re proud to announce the official opening of Proximity Studio, Kontakt.io’s offline to online partner platform for beacon solutions.
Proximity Studio is a comprehensive service aimed at helping businesses interested in understanding, exploring and buying global beacon solutions find the right one for their needs. With this new offer, Kontakt.io is helping businesses to cut down the average time they need to decide whether to use beacons or not time from nine months to a few weeks.

Proximity Studio supports businesses at every stage of beacon deployments - from early planning to enterprise-scale deployments.

This New Kontakt.io Offer Includes

  • The World’s First Beacon Showroom
    Kontakt.io opens its Berlin Kreuzberg-based office for businesses to let them explore beacon use cases for themselves and find the best tailored proximity apps within weeks. The space will ultimately showcase up to one hundred different solutions from major industries. Guests can test these applications and evaluate how they can be implemented in their business. Proximity Studio’s growing list of Partners includes global brands such as T-systems, Proxama, Indoors, Favendo, Xponia, Navigine and Menu AG.
  • Expertise from the Best in the Business
    Kontakt.io is the world’s biggest provider of beacon hardware and has worked with more than a thousand companies in every business vertical. The experience is leveraged to help companies that are new to beacon solutions in the process of identifying their needs, allocating investments and locating prospective revenue streams. Guidance from the best experts in the field of proximity solutions means an easier path to a successful beacon deployment.
  • A Roadmap for Success
    Proximity Studio is designed to help businesses put beacon technology into action.
    It is the next chapter in the development of the beacon industry. Beacon hardware is evolving, the software it uses is expanding, and Proximity Studio is the first channel that puts the right solutions and information directly into the hands of businesses.
    Proximity Studio leverages the insights of Kontakt.io’s 17,000 global customers, a list of prominent Partners, and Kontakt.io’s business development teams based in New York City, Guadalajara, Krakow and Berlin.

The Consulting Programs

Three primary consulting programs will guide businesses to ensure that you get the most out of their beacon projects. Whether you are looking to leverage beacon technology to generate new revenue streams or are pushing to deploy your latest POC, Proximity Studio has valuable insights to make your next project superior.

Helps to reduce risk by determining the best proximity technology opportunities for your needs. Once we understand your business needs, Proximity Studio will research and shortlist the best possible use cases for you, assessing total costs and defining possible success metrics. We then work with you to handcraft a new beacon-based business plan, offering guidance each step of the way. We will also support you by assessing risks and establishing best practices.

  • Identify how beacons can address your needs
  • Receive hand-selected use cases
  • Develop and articulate your next proximity strategy
  • Receive clear insight and next steps
  • Outline options for long-term scalability
  • Identify valuable collaborators and partnerships

Is personalized consulting to determine the exact technical needs of your next beacon project. It’s a ten-day program designed to identify exactly what you need to help your beacon deployment go live. Beginning with the basics and digging into exact details, Proximity Studio will ensure that your business is ready for proximity technology. Let us evaluate your project, examine compatibilities, weaknesses, outline system requirements, and offer concrete next steps for your use case.

  • Understand BLE beacons and relevant technologies
  • Uncover new business opportunities through beacons
  • Pinpoint technical specifications and cost requirements
  • Evaluate hardware, deployment, and maintenance needs
  • Receive high-level project feedback
  • Identify valuable collaborators and partnerships

Gives clients customized feedback for the deployment and evaluation of beacon-based POCs. It also means that Proximity Studio can plan, deploy and evaluate your POC so you can focus on your core business. Leveraging our experience and network of leading solution providers, Proximity Studio’s team will build and roll out a solid POC prototype that generates clear, predictable value. Following this POC, Proximity Studio will provide you with a comprehensive report documenting results, expected revenue, and requirements for future scaling. 30XPOC streamlines your shift to future technologies by outlining and deploying a realistic Proof of Concept in 30 days.

  • Determine success metrics
  • Prepare for technical requirements and integrations
  • Outline, deploy, and assess POC
  • Receive a comprehensive follow-up report
  • Understand next steps and expectations

Businesses looking to explore beacon solutions or simply curious about the power of proximity solutions can learn more at proximitystudio.

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