Back and Mobile Bridge Form Strategic Alliance

We’ve just partnered up with the cool guys at Mobile Bridge to try and bring more solutions to the hands of clients and customers like you. Learn more from the text of our press release below. and Mobile Bridge form strategic alliance enabling large scale beacon deployments and superior user experience for mobile consumers.

Polish startup and Dutch mobile marketing technology vendor Mobile Bridge have formed a strategic alliance combining’s beacon technology and management platform with Mobile Bridge’s mobile marketing engagement and commerce cloud. The partnership’s goal is to make it simple for businesses to manage large scale beacon installations and empower marketers to get the most out of the beacons they have deployed. and Mobile Bridge have shortened the time to market for deployment of their end-to-end platform, targeting fewer than 4 weeks from order to implementation, and it’s easier than ever for a brand to make the jump into beacon-based marketing, intelligence, and analysis.
Whether a brand has an existing beacon deployment or a new one, the integration with and Mobile Bridge will provides unique insights for marketers about beacon performance, campaign conversions, venue traffic flow, and more – all in real-time. Combining the best-in-class hardware with one of the most advanced mobile marketing engagement platforms in the industry provides a scalable, easy to implement end-to-end solution that has already been deployed by brands world-wide. This alliance makes it possible for more brands to be part of great success stories like Ingram Micro’s IMFR 2014 Showcase, and to use the powerful combination of hardware and software more easily than ever before.
“One of the challenges with managing world-wide beacon deployments is how to manage them all centrally,” said CEO Szymon Niemczura. “Part of our partnership with Mobile Bridge will involve rolling out our beta program of Cloud Beacons to Mobile Bridge clients around the world. By combining a bluetooth beacon with wifi capabilities, we’ve created a kind of master beacon that can easily manage and configure beacons anywhere in the world from one Internet-connected computer, and that incredibly powerful technology will soon be available to Mobile Bridge customers.”
The Mobile Bridge mobile marketing and commerce cloud makes it easy for marketers to create, manage and automate cross-channel automated customer journeys, which are personalized, location and behavior aware. This means that marketers can engage with consumers anywhere, anytime, combining the offline experience in the store with other channels such as web, social, and digital media.
“We help brands make the most out of every mobile customer interaction, personalizing the user’s experience and enhancing existing CRM and loyalty ecosystems on mobile,” said Mobile Bridge CEO Eyal Oster. “It’s all about giving brands the tools to build real relationships and loyalty. We are excited about partnering with since it allows us to enhance our offerings even further with cutting edge Beacon technology and complex beacon fleet management.”
About’s platform puts the real world in contact with the Internet of Things by connecting devices with proximity awareness to the cloud. goes beyond beacons to do this, and has a full suite of innovative technology, starting with bluetooth low energy beacons and moving on with a variety of other hardware and software technologies, and we make it simple for any business or serious hobbyist to create the bluetooth application or business of their dreams. We aim to be a key part in bringing the Internet of Things together and help our clients learn amazing things through analyzing the world around them.
About Mobile Bridge
Mobile Bridge is the world’s most advanced mobile app marketing and commerce cloud. Our technology helps brands enhance their existing apps with personal customer engagement and marketing automation making the most out of every mobile customer interaction. We empower marketers to create native app content, add beacons and geo locations with just a few clicks and integrate apps with existing back office and CRM ecosystems delivering an exceptional user experience through mobile.
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