The New iOS Admin App with Push Configs, Software Gateway, Support for New Beacons, and More

December 1, 2016

If you use our Admin App for iOS to manage and configure your beacons, you’ll love the new version with completely new features and major improvements.
And when we say “major improvements,” we mean it. We’ve practically rewritten the app and reduced code size by half to maximize performance. Apart from that, you can expect bug fixes and UI improvements such as:

  • More precise error descriptions to help you track issues
  • More result filters and search options
  • Rewritten device details view with inline validation
  • Updated beacon list view, with changeable discovery interval* for better responsiveness

When it comes to new features, here’s what’s new:

  • No need to manually sync with the cloud: Your configuration data will be automatically pushed
  • Integrated Software Gateway: turn your iOS device into a software version of our Gateway to quickly demo Location Engine
  • Support for Beacon Pro and Card Beacon

And last but not least, iMessage stickers. When you update your app to the latest version, you’ll get a set of cool beacon emojis (or, as one of our clients said, B-mojis) so you can express yourself with beacons.
Download the new version of the app here.

More updates this year will include bulk configurations, advanced filtering options, and more.

Aneta Ciurkot

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