Kontakt.io Complete Integration with Cassia Networks

December 3, 2019

Leading the digitization of movements in the physical space, we’re well aware of the importance of being able to expand and connect to new systems and platforms. Easy integrations are fundamental to creating ecosystems of connected infrastructures that, together, are able to deliver more and better solutions than they could separately. As the speed of both the innovation of RTLS and IoT solutions and their adoption in all verticals grows, it’s important to facilitate further growth.

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That’s why we’re excited to announce that our integration with Cassia Networks is now complete. This means that we support customers who can now easily manage and configure their Kontakt.io devices through Cassia Networks gateways. On the solution side, Cassia gateways are integrated with Simon AI, our Location IoT Analytics Platform and can be used for various use cases. 
The following products have been integrated:

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Benefits on Both Sides

This integration delivers new conveniences and efficiencies for both Cassia Networks and Kontakt.io customers. The latter group can now take advantage of Cassia’s gateways with their Kontakt.io beacons and tags, creating new opportunities for:

  • Flexibility - Cassia gateways provide edge processing with support for third party applications, don’t require changes on end devices, work both indoors and outdoors, offer bi-directional communication and integrate seamlessly with other solutions.
  • Scalability - Cassia’s X1000 and E1000 gateways are robust, interoperable with long range connectivity and easily deployable.
  • Security - End-to-end encryption, password protection and secured pairing safeguard data transmission. 

For Cassia Networks' customers, this means:

  • Easily completed integrations, requiring just two steps in the Kontakt.io Panel, taking less than three minutes to complete. 
  • X1000 an E1000 integration with all Kontakt.io hardware, including our full range of Bluetooth beacons and tags.
  • Interoperability with Kontakt.io software products, including Kontakt.io Panel for IoT device management, monitoring, provisioning and Simon AI - the Location IoT Analytics Platform. The Kontakt.io Panel communicates directly with Cassia IoT Access Controller to receive data, providing a seamless, out-of-the-box RTLS solution without the need to spend resources on developing your own integration.

These new integrations are completed in two different ways, for current and future Cassia customers. For existing clients, the two-step process involving the Kontakt.io Panel applies. Future Cassia gateway customers will use a pre-installed application to accelerate the deployment and integration process for direct support of the enterprise network requiring the use of proxies for outbound traffic. Kontakt.io integration with Cassia Networks also reduces network bandwidth requirements and allow for the sending of compressed data. 

Kontakt.io integration with Cassia Networks - New Possibilities

Now, through the Kontakt.io Panel and an Infrastructure Management (IM) subscription, devices scanned by Cassia gateways will be visible in the Kontakt.io Panel, along with battery level monitoring, remote beacon firmware updates and beacon provisioning. 
With Data Streams and an Infrastructure Management active subscription we can also provide Presence Stream, Telemetry Stream and Raw Stream data. All documentation regarding these integrations can be found at the Kontakt.io Support Page.

Learn More About These New Integrations

Both existing and future Cassia Networks customers are covered by these new convenient and beneficial integrations. To find our more about how they work, what they can do for you and the solutions we’ve delivered for Cassia, join our live webinar on December 17th at 9am PDT.

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