IoT Healthcare Solutions Must Be Affordable, Easy to Integrate [Free PDF]

We need better IoT Healthcare solutions–solutions that are affordable, easy to integrate and install. That’s why we made Location Engine.
Healthcare administrators have a lot to deal with. That’s one reason IoT and big data are coming to the rescue. For many, new technology represents the way out of old problems, but asset tracking isn’t always cheap or easy to install. Some Active RFID systems can have such high price tags they’ll take a small eternity to find funding. Some systems require computers and individuals to run them on a daily basis. So how can healthcare providers leverage technology to help their patients?
Asset tracking is, simply put, crucial to healthcare. Hospitals need to know where assets are. One recent investigation uncovered that a major medical center took a huge financial hit simply because they were “unable to locate” 383 assets. The study’s findings paint a grim image of asset tracking in healthcare:

“More than $11 million in taxpayer money was used to purchase hospital equipment that has since gone missing from a Bay Area medical center.”

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While we were looking to make asset tracking easier for hospitals, we knew three things:

  1. Beacons are affordable
  2. Beacons deliver valuable data healthcare providers need
  3. Data needs to be actionable and transferable

The goal was to create an asset tracking solution that was reliable but also practical. We know businesses need asset tracking, and solution providers need simple SDKs and APIs (oh god details here*) to plug into their platforms—but solutions need to be affordable. This is precisely why we developed the Location Engine technology. More importantly, this is we knew users would love it, and it seems our initial thoughts were true.
Location Engine and Gateway were released last year and are being rapidly used and integrated. Nearly 400 businesses across 40 countries are testing the technology.

Location Engine: the technology designed for easy and affordable asset tracking

Location Engine is capable of performing several tasks including implementing Triggers. This means, you can set an alarm to be trigger whenever a given event occurs. Beacon-equipped asset move out of its designated area? Receive an immediate update. Stepping back, the Location Engine is also able to provide value far beyond triggers. It can do anything you expect from your typical RTLS solution.
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Beacon-based IoT healthcare solutions enable:

  • Asset tracking
  • Automated check-in
  • Automated entry and access
  • Compliance tracking and recording
  • Data generation
  • Enhanced building security
  • Enhanced patient security
  • Equipment utilization
  • Indoor positioning
  • Optimized patient flow
  • Post-visit care
  • Wayfinding

Again, the most important detail for us is, the technology isn’t just a cool high-tech solution for existing problems in healthcare. It’s affordable. It’s practical, easy to install and maintain. It’s easy for solution providers to integrate. This is the key ingredient. Tracking solutions should add high amounts of value with minimal amounts of stress and headache.