Introducing the New Cloud Beacon!

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We launched the Cloud Beacon in “Developer Early Access” form two months ago, and today we’re delivering on the promise of the platform that first announced in October: with today’s firmware updates, this is officially the most powerful piece of beacon hardware in the world.
Don’t worry, we don’t have plans for world domination–just for making the world’s best proximity intelligence solution.

What’s New?

Cloud Beacons are now “Feature Complete” in terms of what we’ve promised and what they can do, and we’ve added in even more cool features than we’d promised when we started. Your Cloud Beacon can now:

  • Serve as a permanently plugged in Bluetooth BLE beacon
  • Connect to and manage any device within a 50-meter range  –or Fleet Management —  you can now apply settings to one or all of your Beacons and update them automatically over the air, anytime, and from anywhere in the world!
  • Scan and log anonymized hashes of Wi-FI MAC addressesdetect and monitor all in-range devices’ WiFi MAC addresses. Whether your customers have your app installed or not, from now on you know how many people visit your venue and where they spend most of the time. Cloud Beacon is a first device in the world that gives you such priceless data and knowledge, bearing in mind legal and security issues. Use it to create heat maps, identify hot spots, and change your customers’ experience totally!
  • Set and schedule UUID, Major, and Minor value rotations for infrastructure security – we take security seriously. Your data remains safe in a Cloud but saving devices themselves is also crucial. That’s why we developed configuration values scheduling and we’re proud to say we are the first beacon provider in the world that did so! Setting’s rotations keep your beacons network safe from hijacking and data theft.
  • Set and schedule power-saving modes to extend your beacons’ battery life up to 4 years! – use the power of Fleet Management not only to update your beacons or check their battery level, but also to manage it. You want your beacons to turn off at a given hour? Not a problem! You don’t want them to work during weekends? Just have them take a nap! Even such an efficient source of power as Bluetooth Low Energy doesn’t have to be always on, so just schedule when beacons should turn off and how long they stay asleep, and then your beacons battery life goes from “long” to “even longer.”

What does this mean?

We’ve been saying for more than 6 months that we are determined to create hardware and software that unite to form a complete solution for deployments of any size. Now that we’ve completed our Cloud Beacon’s early access development cycle, that means that you can deploy and manage any number of beacons at any location, anywhere in the world and depend on’s cloud to provide you with a stable, safe, and secure way to manage those fleets.
If you’re looking for a single, intelligent place to deploy and manage your beacon infrastructure from 1 to 100,000 beacons, there is literally no one else in the world who has the features and capacity that’s available right now, shipped and delivered anywhere in the world.

How to get all these awesome features?

If you’ve got your Cloud Beacon already, the new update will be delivered to you over the air in upcoming days. If you haven’t, well, there’s one good place to start your Cloud Beacon adventure – our store 🙂

Interested? Want to talk more? Buy a Cloud Beacon dev kit here, or hit us up to talk at