Introducing Enterprise ‘COVID-19 Contact Tracer’ Webapp to Prevent Infections Spread in Corporate Real Estate

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted businesses, communities and individuals globally and we’re looking forward to the day, when we can start to return to our old lives and routines. We will all be challenged with making our way through a number of steps and stages but corporate offices, governments, factories and other buildings will eventually get back to where they were before the world had to put everything on pause. 
Still, even after we’ve received green lights from all the relevant health authorities to get back to work, we will do so in a new normal. It will take time to rebuild social trust and confidence that the threat has truly been neutralized. Concerns about undiagnosed, undetected carriers of the virus will linger far beyond the day when workplaces can reopen.
Awareness of the seriousness of the threat and a determination to take all reasonable precautions in this new reality are driving interest in available tools for tracking and monitoring capabilities in spaces where people gather. Recent events have shown us the value of early detection and tracking data that allows for quick identification of the possibly infected. Smart building technology, already present in a rapidly growing number of facilities, is uniquely positioned to pivot towards this new demand and provide the technological foundation for solutions that can help in a post-COVID 19 world. In order to get ready for the new reality, we need to start acting now, leveraging the proven technology that is already widely adopted on the market. Introducing COVID-19 Contact Tracer Application’s mission is to simplify the connection of people, locations and things and to create meaningful insights, safer workplaces and lessen waste. As a leader in Bluetooth based indoor location services, we are stepping forward by leveraging our location services with the addition of the AI-driven COVID-19 Contact Tracer App to help corporations, governments and healthcare authorities globally to monitor, detect, prevent, and predict the spread of this invisible threat to ensure the health and emotional well-being of tenants, employees and visitors.

The App allows facility and operations leaders to model the spread of the Coronavirus on the basis of AI models based on multiple variables as defined by the WHO. The App was created with five goals in mind:

  • Control the virus spread by identifying likely infection chains early on.
  • Create a higher level of people safety health awareness.
  • Reduce the external costs of false testing.
  • Decrease visitor and employee anxiety and health discomfort.
  • Improve contamination plans tracing back individual movement.

The COVID-19 Contact Tracer Webapp provides a report of the people that are likely infected based on indoor location data. Given the speed with which infectious diseases spread, time and speed are of the essence. With the COVID-10 Contact Tracer building owners can reach out to their employees and visitors alike in order to recommend testing themselves. Fast, early identification can dramatically reduce the spread of a virus.

How It Works

1. Hand A Bluetooth Badge To Your Employees & Visitors 


Empowered by low-cost sensors, allowing 100% tracking compliance.

  • Visitors receive a unique visitor badge or a BLE-enabled lanyard beacon during registration and are obligated to wear it.
  • Employees receive a unique badge holder beacon that is bundled with their existing ISO access cards, and are also obligated to wear it.
  • With the employees and visitors consent, people register their name and phone numbers and link it to the ID

2. Track The Location Of People Using The Existing Wi-Fi Access Points Or Bluetooth Gateways

Building upon Wifi infrastructure, or Gateway infrastructure.

  • Use the Bluetooth radio of existing Wifi-infrastructure including Cisco, Meraki, Cassia Networks, Rigado, Quuppa to get floor and 90%-room level accuracy within buildings.
  • Use’s Gateway infrastructure.

3. Subscribe to the ‘COVID-19 Contact Tracer’ App

AI-driven web-app providing safety reports.


Maintains a record of the movement of visitors and employees within buildings.

  • In case any employee or visitor reports an infection, the app allows you to tag verified people at any point in time.
  • The data model replays the visitor flow and simulates the likely spread of the virus by tracing back contact based on proximity and time taking the current WHO assumptions into account.
  • The app traces location breadcrumbs and highlights spaces occupied and dwell time. 
  • Smart algorithms calculate Exposure-Risk-Ranking outcome to help inform people and guide facility sanitation response.
  • The app predicts the infection risk of visitors and employees.
  • The user receives weekly compliance reports.

Real-time indoor location systems are revolutionizing the way people will operate in the nearest future. is committed to ensuring that our applications of any “solution” are embedded in a real-world understanding of smart buildings and the associated changes in processes and behaviors required to streamline people safety in the new age of normal life. Our COVID-19 Contact Tracer App coupled with powerful location data and AI recommendations is not just more ancillary services for corporate building managers, but a 24/7 solution that fuses physical and digital to drive innovation and provide a closed-loop safe environment for tenants, employees, and visitors. 
How this app helps in addition to publicly launched mobile apps operating on Bluetooth: 

  • By handing out cheap BLE tags, we provide closed-looped, 100% certainty to private and governmental organizations that mobile apps don’t allow.
  • Build having indoor contact in mind – we spend 85% of our time in buildings where GPS based mobile apps don’t work.

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