From Zero To Hero: Interview With CEO Szymon Niemczura

From Zero To Hero: Interview With CEO Szymon Niemczura

Our CEO Szymon Niemczura recently talked with the guys from Project Kazimierz, who created an awesome podcast that will take you behind the scenes of the booming tech startup landscape in Kraków.

In the hour-long radio show, you will learn how came to be, growing from two individuals with a noble goal to the world’s largest beacon producer in just two years.

“[…]What is a company? It’s a group of people, right? You need to get these people motivated, give them everything they need for their work, and that should be ninety-nine percent of your work. That’s the most important thing”,
– Szymon Niemczura, CEO,

In the show, Szymon also talks about how beacons will slip silently into your lives changing it forever; how to decide when it’s time to leave the project you started and move on; how to build leadership skills and if a business school can help you with this; and, of course, the greatest mystery will be revealed: how did it happen that the two largest beacon producers in the world are just a few blocks away from each other in Kraków.

Listen to the full podcast below!


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