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How Shortens the Deployment of RTLS Technology

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Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) optimize every aspect of a healthcare facility by tracking and managing assets and people as they move through the healthcare delivery process. The system uses the collected data to analyze and improve care operations.’s RTLS uses AI and IoT signals to optimize workflows, locate resources and equipment, monitor patients, and make staff feel safe and valued.

Employing an RTLS system at your facility can help identify where you have wasted time, resources, and areas of congestion that lead to care delays. It streamlines operations for greater efficiency and better patient care. An RTLS system also improves security and creates a better environment for staff, lessening stress and burnout.

Healthcare facilities offer continuous crucial services to patients, sparking concerns about the time required to implement such systems. Complicated and lengthy RTLS deployment can adversely affect the delivery of high-quality care and profit margins. At, we have dedicated ourselves to expediting the deployment of RTLS in healthcare and business settings. Our success in outpacing competitors is attributed to seamless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) integration with existing IT networks, service-oriented solutions, user-friendly technology, and efficient cloud management. solutions can go live in a 400-bed hospital in less than two weeks. The result is a scalable solution that is easy to deploy and easy to use, from the number one company in time to value that delivers an accelerated ROI.

BLE Integration with Current IT Networks

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is the ideal choice to use as the network in smart hospitals because it integrates seamlessly with existing IT networks. Additionally,  BLE technology is easily scalable for future needs. There is no need for costly and time-consuming infrastructure modifications. All you need to get started is Wi-Fi.

BLE is frequently the optimal choice due to its widespread integration across IoT sensors, making it a natural fit for many applications. Moreover, BLE is already ingrained in various infrastructure networking devices, ranging from Wi-Fi systems to lights, cameras, and mobile devices. Its compatibility extends to your facility’s full spectrum of devices, including wearables and laptops. This compatibility facilitates swift and effortless integrations, ultimately reducing deployment timelines significantly.

Utilizing BLE for RTLS deployment offers numerous advantages. Firstly, BLE tags and beacons are cost-effective, enabling extensive deployment across large healthcare facilities where alternative technologies such as GPS would be financially impractical. Moreover, their extended battery life both reduces costs and minimizes maintenance requirements. Additionally, the plug-and-play nature of BLE beacons ensures seamless integration without disrupting care processes.

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Solutions Delivered as a Service delivers RTLS solutions as a service, providing all the components you need from software to hardware. Our team handles everything, from the devices you need to the apps you use to ongoing support. Our as-a-service model makes it easy to add new use cases with just one click, speeding up your operations for maximum benefits.

Service-based deployments offer immediate positive outcomes instead of dealing with boxed equipment, long wait times, and workplace disruptions. With handling on-site installation, you gain rapid access to real-time updates. This translates to reduced time to benefit, lower overall deployment costs, access to upgrades, seamless integrations, and future scalability. With a proven track record, has successfully delivered as-a-service solutions to thousands of customers.

Simplicity of Technology

The simplicity of’s cutting-edge technology creates the basis for fast deployment, easy integration, and user-friendly interfaces. As a result, our solutions are ideal for various industries like healthcare, workplaces, education, and other industries.

We combine software and hardware into one convenient platform for ease of use. Track and manage assets in real time from web applications or mobile devices, giving you access to essential information no matter where you are.

Simple solutions also accelerate time to value. Our tech requires minimal training for staff to use it efficiently. We also offer fast support to diagnose and resolve any problems that may arise.

Cloud Management for RTLS

At, our cloud-based solutions in RTLS store and share resources via an internet connection. All approved personnel with access can log in at any time to find the data or application they need. This approach provides a 360-degree view of the entire care journey, eliminating blind spots and paving the way for a smoother care process.

The Value of Real-Time Data

The preference for a cloud-based RTLS solution is widespread among healthcare facilities. This is largely because it eradicates the necessity for manual record-keeping, enhances accuracy, and offers a wealth of data for evaluation, enabling adjustments and enhancements across all monitored processes. The abundance of real-time information collected yields a multitude of insights, empowering better decision-making.

Healthcare systems possess the ability to monitor equipment usage, pinpoint bottlenecks, and identify areas of both high and low utilization, among other functionalities. Leveraging this real-time information allows for the strategic allocation of resources and staff to areas where they are most needed. Furthermore, the capability to analyze long-term patterns through comprehensive reports enables adjustments aimed at enhancing staff safety and job satisfaction, minimizing waste, and ultimately fostering an improved patient experience.


Cloud management also has advantages for scalability and flexibility. Healthcare facilities can easily scale up by adding additional data storage, use cases, and support. It’s also possible to scale down if it becomes necessary to cut costs or use less data than anticipated. Using the cloud offers the flexibility to make adjustments as needed to match workflows.

Data Security

Cloud-based solutions entail the utilization of a third-party host for data storage. Although you retain access to your data, the vendor is responsible for implementing the necessary security measures to safeguard your information. At, we prioritize data security through HIPAA compliance. We employ encryption for all data, whether at rest or in transit. Additionally, we regularly conduct external assessments to validate the efficacy of our security protocols, guaranteeing the ongoing safety of your data.

Case Studies

The healthcare industry faces many challenges, from staff shortages to poor patient outcomes and rising costs of delivering care.’s RTLS technology provides solutions to these and other concerns. One case study shows the benefits of deploying Kontakt’s RTLS.

Riverside Healthcare’s Solutions for Patient Elopement and Medical Device Tracking

Riverside Healthcare in Kankakee, IL, transformed its 300-bed hospital with’s RTLS. The facility first recognized two key problems:

  • Inefficient system for locating devices: Small and expensive healthcare equipment would often become lost or misplaced. This caused issues with staff wasting time searching for necessary items, which delayed patient care and led to poor patient experiences. These problems were particularly stressful during times of emergency when the fast location of items is crucial.
  • Patient elopement: Patients suffering from distress or mental health issues, along with patients who have yet to complete treatment, sometimes leave the hospital before release. This is a safety issue that requires easy tracking of patient locations to ensure they remain inside the building and out of restricted areas.’s RTLS and IoT solutions provided fixes for both issues. Smart tags allow staff to easily find the location of assets on a map, while wristbands provide the location of each patient in the hospital, sending out alerts when someone enters an unauthorized zone or exits the hospital.

Virginia Hospital Wayfinding

This 437-bed hospital found an easy way to provide staff, patients, and visitors with real-time navigation tools using interactive maps. Partnering with Phunware, used BLE beacons to map out routes using real-time locations.

Real Savings is renowned for its swift deployment, which translates into rapid and substantial cost savings by enhancing efficiency. Introducing RTLS into your healthcare facility can yield the following benefits:

  • Increase your bed utilization by 20%, which saves around $12,000 per bed per year.
  • Increase bed turnover time and reduce hospital stays by up to 1.4 days.
  • Save money by improving equipment utilization with asset tracking to prevent lost and misplaced items. For example, IV pumps cost $3,500 each. Avoiding an unnecessary purchase of just 100 units saves $350,000.

Implementing RTLS solutions is a worthwhile investment with real cost savings in addition to supporting staff and enabling outstanding care. Try our ROI calculator to estimate cost and savings.

Final Thoughts

At, we offer our customers a seamless, user-friendly platform to track assets in real time and address over 20 use cases, all with rapid deployment. Our comprehensive service delivery ensures the quickest time to value for RTLS in healthcare. With the ability to prepare you for launch in just two weeks or less, we ensure immediate return on investment.

Transform your healthcare facility with streamlined operations through BLE integration, service-based solutions, fast deployment, ease of use, scalability, and cloud management provided by Experience immediate benefits and unlock long-term value and efficiency with our scalable solutions, empowering you to embrace new use cases as your facility grows. Reach out to us today to discover the multitude of advantages awaiting your facility through’s RTLS technology.