Green Powering the Clean Earth Hackathon at MIT

What’s better than a hackathon full of creative people working together on amazing solutions? A hackathon full of creative people working together on amazing solutions that help save the Earth! And if you empower these efforts with the most efficient proximity technology on the planet, you’re on the way to something awesome, indeed!
On April 17-19th, Sustainability at MIT and the MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering Department hosted a hackathon themed around “Clean Earth” with a goal of taking on environmental challenges put forth and developing innovative solutions that help create a more sustainable and environment-friendly world.
For two days teams have been working within 4 main challenge areas: natural resource management, transportation, reducing the footprint of products and buildings, and sustainable energy solutions. They thought out some innovative ideas of engaging beacons in all these areas, and prototyped a whole bunch of promising solutions such as using iBeacon technology to track waste.
For many of the attendees it was their first beacon experience. Our complete and comprehensive documentation easily guided them through the process of implementation and helped make their ideas come true. We are totally impressed with what they’ve come up with and can’t wait to see their solutions in real life!
Thank you, MIT hackers, and good luck with your further implementations!
If you also want to work out some green solutions with your beacons, check out some cool ideas to start with. If being an environmental game-changer isn’t really your thing, find out how you may save the planet anyway– efficiently and absolutely effortlessly!

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