Hate RFID Asset Tracking Systems? Beacons Can Help!

Hate RFID Asset Tracking Systems? Beacons Can Help!

The Internet of Things is coming for your asset management system. If you want to experience a more affordable, less frustrating asset tracking system, the latest Bluetooth technology may be your chance.

Whether you are looking to:

  • better track assets in logistic operations,
  • decrease errors in a manufacturing facility,
  • or eliminate wasted time and resources in healthcare administration, new Bluetooth beacons offer not only an affordable asset management system but a scalable, long-term solution. 

Plus, Bluetooth beacons are 3-4 times cheaper than active RFID tags.
Oh Snap.

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Goodbye RFID tags and barcodes for asset tracking

Though exciting, managers must fully understand upcoming localization technologies if they hope to make the right investment. A handful of existing asset tracking tools, like RFID tags, barcodes, and GPS, already exist. Unfortunately, if you are tracking assets indoors, GPS is rendered nearly useless and, if you need to track items across a larger space, ultra short-range solutions are vastly ineffective. So much for “modern” technology!

One major hurdle when establishing a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) has always been the ecosystem. They can be costly to set up and maintain. On the other hand, one technology has only gotten better with time: Bluetooth. Bluetooth beacons leverage the the growing, widespread adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy to support an affordable and adaptable infrastructure.

Though nearly impossible a short while ago, beacon-based asset tracking systems are now a scalable, cost-effective, and genuinely exciting solution to old problems.


If you work in manufacturing, it is vital to know where assets are on the production line. Bluetooth beacons can provide managers and workers with exact data on how assets are moving through a factory. Improved visibility can decrease errors and even be leveraged to guide employees along the fastest path to an asset. That means resources, and money, are saved with every step.



If you have worked in a hospital, you know healthcare administration is particularly complex. Fast access to the right information is paramount in keeping operations running and saving lives.  Bluetooth beacons have been found to make more equipment used more often. This also ensures that expensive equipment does not get misplaced. They aid in data generation, asset tracking, and can even make sure doctors get patient data instantly.

Logistics and Transport

Proper asset tracking makes up a huge part of healthy logistics, and many existing solutions simply do not live up to the needs of modern managers. Bluetooth beacons not only help managers generate and understand data, they also help the overall operations run more efficiently.

Beacons mean packages can be placed wherever there is space without fear of getting lost. Whether in the warehouse or yard storage, containers and items can always be located. More importantly, the existing BLE ecosystem means this system can be easily scaled and upgraded when needed. Finally, it adds a layer of security, alerting you if anything is incorrectly picked up or moved.

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Employee Tracking

In an almost futuristic solution, Bluetooth beacons can now be used to automate several processes and optimize space, resources, and time.

You booked the meeting room for an important business presentation? The beacon system can be used to:

  • trigger the projector,
  • turn on the AC,
  • and alert colleagues that the room is occupied.

Perhaps more shocking than the fact this is possible is that such systems are increasingly affordable, practical, and scalable.


We love you, barcodes, but we have chosen beacons

Despite offering astounding results, beacons have become a realistic and cost-effective solution for your business, whether large or small, healthcare or automotive. If managers hope to stay competitive through the coming IoT revolution, they must thoroughly understand this ground-breaking technology and how they can use it to transform daily operations.


Our White Paper on RTLS offers our findings in depth including the role of big data and seven straight-forward steps to implementing a successful RTLS system.

No time? No worries! We carefully organized our paper to help busy managers learn about new possibilities in their particular sector, fast. Download the white paper here. 


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