First Bluetooth 5-ready beacon is on the market!

First Bluetooth 5-ready beacon is on the market!

Beacon Pro is one of the best selling products in our portfolio, and now it’s also the first Bluetooth 5 ready beacon on the market.

Within hours of Bluetooth 5.0’s launch, we were receiving calls from excited customers talking about the next chapter for beacons. Now, all Beacon Pros bought after May 26 are Bluetooth 5 compatible. That means you can enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth’s 5 higher speed and greater messaging capacity.

What’s more: All future products will support Bluetooth 5, too.

Bluetooth 5 is driving the beacon revolution

Bluetooth 5 is Bluetooth’s answer to an increasingly complex global IoT environment. With 4x the range, 2x the speed, and 8x the broadcasting message capacity, Bluetooth 5 is a clear step to enhance functionality of Bluetooth for the IoT devices and beacons.

*Note that the Nordic chip used in Beacon Pro is not currently able to support the increased range associated with Bluetooth 5. That means the usual range will still apply.

We talked to Martin Woolley of Bluetooth SIG about their latest developments. He put it this way:

“Bluetooth was already much faster than other low power wireless communications technologies, so why did we bother making it even faster? It’s about use cases. At the end of the day we will see use cases where even faster data transmission would be useful. Sometimes this is just for user experience, but that’s very important. If users don’t like the speed, they won’t use it, and you’ve already failed.”

Big winners: Real-time Location Systems, Industrial IoT

As discussed in detail in our Bluetooth 5 Means Better Asset Tracking blog post, it is Bluetooth-based asset tracking and Real-Time Location Systems that will be the biggest winners with Bluetooth 5.

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