Firmware Support Changes: Update Your Beacons!

August 1, 2017

There’s a new Admin App on the way. Soon, you can get the updated iOS and Android apps on your phone, but they’ll also bring a big update (particularly important for Beacon and Tough Beacon owners).
We are discontinuing support for Firmware below 4.x with these updates.*
*This applies ONLY to Beacon and Tough Beacon.
If your beacons still use this firmware, please be sure to update them by the end of 2017. Beacons should be using 4.x or higher. We also plan to delete support for these versions from our SDK.
Still need access to the old SDK? No worries. You can find it on our GitHub. Similarly, the current version of our app which supports firmware below 4.x will continue to be available for download in the store. Please note that users of this version won't be able to take advantage of any of our updates.
Need help with your upgrades? Check out our Support Center.

Hannah Augur

Content writer / tech blogger / geek based in Berlin. Hannah reports on all things tech and has a medium-sized tolerance for buzzwords.

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