Ethical Employee Monitoring with Beacons

It doesn’t take much searching online to make it clear that there is no shortage of employee time tracking solutions available for businesses of every size. However, it is worth noting the ethics of employee monitoring. If you’re looking for help with things like payroll accuracy and budgeting, labor code compliance or other workplace issues, you have lots of choices.
Most of the products you will find are software applications installed on workstations that require some small degree of engagement from employees, meaning they have to log in, sign up or otherwise register with the service every time they begin work. This kind of tracking still leaves room for human error and other factors that can make creating accurate records difficult.

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Employee Monitoring Ethics – what devices should be used?

There is another option that you might not be aware of in the form of a new technology that is rapidly establishing itself as the go-to solution for many business environments. I’m referring to beacons, which are electronic devices that set up local wireless data networks to create what are called “proximity-based solutions”.
Most often, references to beacons in the media or industry publications focus on how they are used to enhance retail sales or deliver contextual content but these are only two of their more well-known applications. If you’re not familiar with the broader capabilities of beacons, now is a good time to take a look at what they can do for you and, in particular, how they can assist in your employee time tracking.

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Ethical monitoring of employees using beacons is the best solution. Beacons let you easily and accurately track the presence and movement of employees. Instead of asking them (and reminding them) to update their status in a time tracking program, all your employees have to do in a proximity-based solution is walk near a beacon.

Managing Employee Time Tracking

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Beacons pick up signals from mobile devices that the software recognizes as belonging to particular employees. Information about arrivals, departures and even movements within a facility are logged and made easily accessible in reports that you can generate at regular time intervals and can be set and changed as needed.
No more time sheets to fill out, time clocks to punch or programs to log into. Employees can focus on other things besides whether or not they remembered to click something before starting their work. Backed up lines at check in points can be a thing of the past and accurate, up to the minute data can be sent directly to your payroll department for immediate processing.
Let the digital solutions made possible by beacon technology streamline your operations and manage your employee time tracking. The reliable data it delivers does more than keep you informed about attendance and absences and can help you to directly impact your bottom line. Get a handle on overtime budgets, plan staffing needs, recognize possible workflow issues and gain insights into employee activity that no other technology can offer.
Make sure that your own search for employee time tracking solutions includes a close look at technology powered by beacons. When paired with other core technologies for your business such as a highly efficient phone system – the benefit from beacons are magnified.

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