Meet Your New Tools For Eddystone Management

From now on, your beacons (yes, that also pertains to your existing beacons) can be either Eddystones or iBeacons! We’ve just released the full toolset that lets you manage your beacons no matter which profile or format you would like them to broadcast. Here’s a complete overview on the Eddystone support we provide, and how to use it.

Get More Beacon Use Cases

Firmware v.3.0

The new firmware update lets you set your beacons to broadcast either iBeacon profile or Eddystone format. In order to get this feature, please download the new version of our Admin App, and simply update your beacons to the latest firmware version!

The iOS Admin App with Eddystone support

We updated our iOS Admin App. With the latest version, you can set your beacons to broadcast iBeacon’s or Eddystone’s packet, and change their configuration values.
Please note that in order to switch your beacon’s profile, you need to update it to the new firmware first.
Here’s a short video on how to update your beacons to the latest firmware version and switch your beacon’s profile:

Update: There’s also The Admin App for Android!

We released the long-awaited Android App that enables you to manage both beacon formats. Download it from the Google Play Store!

New SDKs


We releasedAndroid and iOS SDKs with Quickstart Guides to let you easily integrate Eddystone support into your mobile applications. We also fixed some minor bugs and baked in some requested features. Check out the changelogs for more details.

API v.7

To enable you to build your own Eddystone-based solutions or integrate Eddystone support into your own API, we released the new version of REST API. In this early access version, we added a feature of switching between Eddystone and iBeacon.

The Web Panel redesigned to manage both Eddystones and iBeacons

Last but not least, our Web Panel also supports the new beacon format, enabling you to set Eddystone Namespace, InstanceID, and Eddystone-URL.

Before you switch your beacons to Eddystone


Please keep in mind that if you switch your iBeacons to Eddystone format, any app that uses those beacons in iBeacon profile will stop working because the beacons aren’t broadcasting the same information any more. As always, we recommend you to run a pilot with some unused beacons, and integrate Eddystones into your existing app once you’re 100% sure everything works.



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