Easier Beacon Telemetry Access With New App Update

October 5, 2017

Want to enable or disable telemetry of your beacons? There’s an app for that.
The Kontakt.io Administration App for Android and iOS have both been updated, and we’ve got lots of little additions for you this time around. The new version will feature:

  • Ability to turn telemetry of Beacon Pro on/off
  • Option to update device location based on GPS
  • Option to add beacons by Order ID
  • Use RSSI as a default sort option on devices list

Please note that we’ve removed the software Gateway from this version. There’s also more information concerning the discontinued support for versions below 4.x as mentioned last month.
Please: Remember to update your firmware to avoid any unnecessary issues!
Find the new Android app here and iOS here.

Hannah Augur

Content writer / tech blogger / geek based in Berlin. Hannah reports on all things tech and has a medium-sized tolerance for buzzwords.

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