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May 5, 2016

We’ve done some spring cleaning around, and there’s a lot that’s new here: new products, new features, and new software. We’ve been growing a lot since we closed our round of funding early this year, and that’s paying off directly for you in terms of more new proximity technology delivered faster. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

USB Beacon now in the store

We’ve had our hardware beta with the USB Beacon and it’s been a great success! We’ve already nearly sold out of all of our stock, and we want to make sure that anyone who wants to try these out gets their hands on a development kit as soon as they can while we’re assembling and making our next batch. So, if you’re interested in trying out the industry’s most solidly-performing beacon in a new and exciting format, be sure to pick up a development kit today.

NEW PRODUCT: The Smart Beacon Two

If you like the Smart Beacon but want something with a longer battery life, have we got good news for you: we’ve just launched the Smart Beacon Two, a new generation of the Smart Beacon with double the battery life. Better yet, since we have much larger battery capacity in the Smart Beacon Two, we’ll soon be adding the capacity to broadcast Eddystone and iBeacon formats at the same time, which is a feature that we know a lot of you have been asking for. Best of all, these are the same price as our award-winning Smart Beacon. Pick up a dev kit today!

Updated: Venue Management in the Web Panel

Venues are a purely software concept to help you with managing larger deployments of beacons. We’ve had largely the same experience for venue management for the last year and more, and we’ve overhauled it with feedback from clients like you. Now you more easily find venues, see which beacons are grouped into venues and which are not, bulk manage beacons more easily, and other UX and UI improvements to make this easier for you to logically group and manage your devices.

Mobile App Updates

We’ve been growing our mobile team by leaps and bounds, and while we’ve released a few new features into our Android application—mainly the capacity to update beacon firmware through the Android app—our truly big update to Android will be coming in the middle of this month, when we massively overhaul and improve our SDK to make it much easier to develop with.
On the iOS side of things, we've added in the capacity to see the Bluetooth MAC address that a beacon broadcasts, fixed bugs, and have generally gone through some refactoring to better unite the codebase between iOS and AppleTV. There's more coming to our AppleTV functionality in the near future, so keep tuned. ☺

We’re still growing!

Almost every department in is looking to fill at least one position, if not more, in our offices all around the world. Whether you’re a master coder, a budding designer, a genius marketer, or a high-performance account executive, there’s a place for you here at the frontier of proximity technology. Come join us! 🙂

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Head of Product @Kontakt_io. Writer, public speaker, banjo player, and general geek. Hit me up if you want to talk about product, beacons, or all things proximity. :)

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