How To Get 2x Performance From Your Event App

September 3, 2015

So you’re one of the 75% of leading event producers who already use mobile apps at events. You’ve worked your fingers to the bone to make your app outstanding. The problem is, your attendees don’t use the features to an extent you’d expect, and you don’t understand why. It’s cool stuff, right at people’s fingertips—why won’t they just open the app and make their lives easier?  
We’ve all been there—attending a conference, spending every minute on listening to speeches, talking to people, exchanging contacts. Is it that surprising that we download an event app and then forget about it?
But what if your app notified visitors that something important is going on? What if your app’s features appeared automatically instead of just waiting to be found? That’s what proximity is all about. It provides any app with the real-world context so that it can provide its user with relevant content on what’s going on around without asking.
We wanted to know how enabling proximity influences an event app’s performance and how it compares to standard mobile solutions. That’s why we asked MOCA, a proximity platform, to share their experiences and hard numbers behind the technology, based on their implementation at Mobile World Congress 2015.
We wrapped everything up in a white paper that shows and explains:

  • What is proximity and how it influences event apps performance
  • How proximity boosts app engagement 235%
  • What other advantages—besides context-aware content—proximity provides
  • How proximity compares to other location-based technologies, such as GPS
  • How the technology adoption looks like from the user’s side
  • What makes proximity a perfect technology for events

Keep wondering why your app doesn’t go as planned… or download your free copy of the white paper now!

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