BeaconValley Hackathon Goes Global! Join the Biggest Beacon Hackathon in History

October 22, 2015

Four months ago, we hosted a hackathon in Krakow that drew over 100 developers to create solutions with beacons. That was cool, and we had a lot of fun, but we wanted to go bigger. Much bigger. Four times bigger, in fact. Today, we summon iOS and Android developers, graphic designers, project managers, and technology enthusiasts to join the BeaconValley Global Hackathon that will take place simultaneously in Poland, Mexico, UK, and USA!

What is BeaconValley Hackathon?

BeaconValley started as a project to beaconize our hometown Krakow, Poland and start making it a smart city. To make the idea happen, last June we hosted a hackathon that turned out be a huge success. We involved local authorities, institutions, and businesses and had more than 20 team of developers, who worked out tons of great solutions that used beacons for business, for good, and for fun.
As we saw that BeaconValley Hackathon delivered smart city use cases we would’ve never thought of, we knew that we needed to not only do this again, but figure out how to make it bigger.
And the time has come—BeaconValley Hackathon is coming back, and this time it goes global! Together with Proxama, the leading international mobile commerce company, we’re hosting a “Hack Around the World”, and it’ll be the first hackathon like this in the beacon industry. Here’s why:

Beacons will connect four cities

BeaconValley Global Hackathon will kick off on November 21st in Krakow, New York, London, and Guadalajara—at the same time! For 24 hours, developers, powered by beacons, Marty McHack’s motivation tips, mentors’ knowledge, and productivity boosters will be working on solutions to four challenges: culture, health, commerce, and transportation.
Are you dreaming about living in a smart city? Maybe you have great ideas for a beacon-enabled app that will transform people’s lives, but you don’t have access to the technology, or you don’t know where to start? Or simply you want to test your skills and go down in beacon history? What the hack are you waiting for? Save your spot now!

5 reasons you should participate

1. It’s 100% free. What’s more, food and drinks are on us!
2. You’ll get tools to make your ideas happen.
3. You’ll be fighting for geeky prizes and everlasting fame.
4. BeaconValley Hackathon is your chance to make your prototype a real-world deployment.
Here’s one example. The app was prototyped at our Krakow hackathon in June. Today, it’s an official app of Conrad Festival, the biggest festival of literature in Krakow!
5. You’ll be working in the exciting atmosphere powered by great technology and super-smart people.
We’re aiming to help build four smart cities on both sides of the planet. Will you help us?
Big ups to our partners!
Kraków: Luxoft, Nordic Semiconductor, Miquido, Embarcadero, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, HG Intelligence
London: ustwo
Guadalajara: Luxoft, Oracle

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