A Beaconized University Drives 47% Engagement Among Students

There were 1200 international students during the spring semester 2015 at the University of Lodz (UL). The university wanted to help these students overcome some challenges of studying abroad. When asked about their preferred channel of communication, the majority of the students answered “mobile.” As a result, the University developed a smart mobile application for their university called SmartUni, but it it’s more than just a mobile application. It’s a beacon-enabled app that makes both the university and student experience smarter. And here’s why.

Addressing the need

According to Nielsen, 85% of Generation Y owns smartphones. They’ve grown up in the era of social networks and unlimited access to information, and mobile technology enables them to have such an access anywhere they go—right at their fingertips. Not only do millennials love mobile experience; they love when it’s seamless. And that’s what UL’s app is all about.
SmartUni is a multi-language and interactive campus guide developed by Linteri, a Polish proximity platform provider. The app gathers and displays everything a student needs: a schedule of classes and exams, deadlines, guidelines, announcements, important events, and more. Additionally, it provides information about the city and its attractions, entertainment, transportation, and health services.

Going beyond standards with proximity

To make the student experience even better, the University of Lodz deployed beacons at its 38 buildings and dormitories. Beacons help navigate the campus and get important things done. As students walk by a beacon, it triggers information about where they are, what they can do there, or how to get to another place.