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September 9, 2016

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Three years after setting the new standard with the Beacon, we’re ready to push the boundaries of beacon performance once again. Making the world’s best selling beacon even better wasn’t easy, but the new Beacon Pro combines expanded functionality and ease of use to form the new foundation of proximity solutions.
We listened to feedback from customers for inspiration to guide us in designing a new device that makes deploying and maintaining beacon ecosystems easier than ever. Along the way, we improved battery life, added a motion sensor and USB port and made updating your beacons a snap.
As part of our recent launch of four new products, unveiled the new Beacon Pro, designed beacon deployments at scale.

“The Beacon Pro takes beacons out of the hands of hobbyists and puts them into offices, warehouses, and worksites. We believe that location is the next big thing in industrial infrastructure and the Beacon Pro is the first and best solution for automating and extending everything on your network,”
- Szymon Niemczura, CEO and Co-founder

Beacon PRO - the same, but better

Beacon Pro does everything our previous Beacons do and your existing applications will continue to run smoothly on the new hardware. It doesn’t matter if you’re enhancing the visitor experience somewhere, tracking assets, monitoring staff movements or a hundred other applications - Beacon Pro will continue to power your current solutions.
But while it may fulfill the same essential role in proximity solutions, Beacon Pro comes with major upgrades and new features.
Let’s start with battery life. The Beacon Pro has an incredible 5-year battery life, minimizing the cost of time and effort you have to spend in the process of monitoring them. Five years - at basic settings - is a long time but that’s just the start. A new motion sensor can be set to power the Beacon Pro down after a period of inactivity. If you’re using beacons in a store, warehouse, museum or other space where there are extended periods of inactivity, Beacon Pro doesn’t lose battery power on monitoring movement when there is none. When your environment shuts down for the day, so does your beacon.
But let’s say battery life is important to you for other reasons like using beacons at max signal strength and frequency. You can power your beacon through a new USB port for a constant, reliable power source. Problem solved!
And don’t forget that if a motion sensor and USB power still aren’t enough, Beacon Pro’s batteries are easily replaceable.

Get the Beacon Pro

Ready for the big time

Beacon Pro was developed with an eye toward the demands of industrial-scale deployments and that’s where its new features really stand out. This is a beacon for professionals - you saw the “Pro” part, right? - and it is designed to be the ultimate proximity hardware for fast, easy and effective deployments of larger beacon solutions.
Thanks to an NFC tag, initial configuration is faster and easier than ever. The same tag speeds process for keeping your beacon firmware up to date. All you need to do is tap the beacons with an Android smartphone enabled with our beacon management app.
Beacon Pro demands less of your time and attention and leaves you free to do what you do best.
In addition to these upgrades, Beacon Pro is splash-proof for extra protection in outdoor or high-humidity environments. It’s also dust-proof so it can withstand warehouse and factory conditions that place particulates in the air.

On top of that, it has the world’s best security features for keeping you safe from attacks with encryption and ID shuffling and offers color customization options to fit in with your brand.

The first Beacon Pros are shipping soon so contact our Sales Team to learn more about how you surf with us on the next big IoT wave!

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