Beacon Pro Firmware Update 1.8

January 26, 2017

This month, we released two firmware updates to Beacon Pro: V1.7 and V1.8. Here’s what you should know about them.
Added support for light and calendar based power saving.
Beacon Pro has two independent power saving sources: ambient light sensor and real-time calendar which can now be used to automatically change beacon intervals in specified environment conditions. It allows the beacon to reduce power consumption at times when the device isn’t used.

  • Light sensor: Beacon Pro will periodically measure ambient light. If the ambient light is below a defined threshold, Beacon Pro will enter power saver mode and broadcast at higher intervals as long as the light level is below the threshold.
  • Real-Time Clock (RTC): Beacon Pro has an embedded RTC module which allows for the accurate measurement of time elapsed since the device was booted. Beacon Pro can be configured to enter power saving mode during selected hours (for example, it can save power during weekends or in the evening on weekdays).

You can configure the light level and time threshold for power saving in Web Panel.

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Added notifications on light level
If your use case requires you to know how much light there’s on site in real time, you can enable notifications on the light level. Once enabled, the light sensor will be sampled frequently (~1Hz) and notifications with a value from the sensor will be sent with the interval of 500 ms. Keep in mind that such quick sampling has a significant impact on battery consumption so use this feature only to calibrate the light threshold.
You can see how it works in your Admin App for Android. After you scan your Beacon Pro, you can go to the Sensor Readings section, and you’ll see the current light level and time on the device:

Fixed bugs and issues.
Changed how the secure profile is being advertized.
With this update, the Secure profile is being broadcast independently every 500ms (instead of being broadcast at the same interval as the advertizing packet). This is to make managing Beacon Pro easier and optimize energy consumption. You can read more about how Beacon Pro advertises in the support article here.
Update your Beacon Pros to 1.8
The newest firmware updates can be delivered OTA (over the air). You can do it on your own using or Admin Aps:

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Additional Beacon Pro Support on the Android App

Here are new things you can do with your Beacon Pro on the Android App:

    • Set time on a beacon (RTC)
    • Trigger a LED to light up when you want to quickly find a particular beacon

  • Open a beacon configuration tab by scanning a Beacon Pro with a built-in NFC tag

Make sure you update your Beacon Pros and Android App to get all the new features!

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