Beacon Powered Solutions: The Ultimate Road Map [Free download]

July 4, 2016

If you’re just beginning to research beacon use cases, one of these situations may sound familiar to you.
1) You already know how beacons work, and you want to benchmark a solution that would best fit your company’s needs.
2) You are hoping you’ll understand the technology better when you read some stories of real-world deployments.
As you begin to dig, you discover that there are tons of use cases online. Probably too many to read all of them.
Meanwhile, all you need is a short overview of what you can do with beacons so that you can quickly identify use cases that might work for you. Then you can dive deeper and read articles about this specific use type and shape up your ideas based on what you’ve learned.
Luckily, an overview like this already exists. It’s an 11-page ebook we created to help you research possible beacons solutions faster. Here’s why you’ll like it:

  • It’s structured based on problems and solutions, not industries
    Because we believe the business problems you’re wanting to solve are far more important that the industry you work in.
  • It contains real-world examples - companies who successfully implemented these solutions
    Because you need use cases that actually work.
  • It’s concise and to the point
    Research is important but you don’t want to spend more time researching than actually deploying and growing your infrastructure, do you?

Sounds interesting? Download your free copy to end your use cases hunt today!

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