Beacon Installation Services Offered by

Deploying beacons at scale

The mechanics of large scale beacon deployments are complex. Besides the development of the application running on top of the infrastructure itself, matters such as its integration into existing software systems and its maintenance are not trivial. offers beacon installation services to reduce technical risk – as a leading hardware manufacturer with its own in-house deployment unit, is ideally placed to remove the deployment risk from the equation.
Offering beacon installation services is just one part of the broader strategy of becoming the leading infrastructure provider for the beacon space.

Hardware, software for scale (see for example venue sharing) and services around deployment and installation are continuously groomed to support the most ambitious projects. Beacon maintenance as a service

Beacons are a fundamental element of our increasingly smart environments: airports, train stations, cruise ships, restaurants and public spaces are all being equipped with bluetooth low energy beacons. As beacons become more popular and widespread so do the questions around supervision and maintenance.
Here at, we want to see the beacon space grow (read the our recent interview with Szymon on our strategy). As we announced earlier, we offer installation services to enable large installations to get off the ground. But we don’t stop here: with our maintenance service the same in-house team of technicians is ready to keep beacon installations running smoothly. Whether it’s battery replacements, firmware updates or mechanical failures, the team offers a complete maintenance solution.
At the core of becoming the world’s leading beacon infrastructure provider is the necessity to make the complexity and burden of installing and maintaining a technical infrastructure disappear – maintenance services by go a long way in this direction.