May 28, 2014 | 2 minute

Why We’re Able to Deliver Beacons en Masse so Quickly

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People have wondered why we are able to deliver Beacons to customers so quickly compared to some of the other competition. For example, why are we able to deliver 1000+ beacons in 5-7 business days compared to some other vendors who cannot even get 3 delivered to you in 6 weeks?
The answer is very simple. It’s because of how we setup our manufacturing process.


For obvious reasons we cannot spell out specifically how we do it, though our performance history in this regard truly does speak for itself. Suffice it to say – our manufacturing and configuration process is highly streamlined and efficient, which is why we can make (and keep) our bold delivery promise.
Furthermore, because our process is setup so efficiently – we are also able to rapidly scale up our production to meet fast growing demand. So even in the “worst case” when larger orders are coming in consistently (say 10k units and up at this stage), the delay from us would only be an additional week or two at most – to give us enough time to boost the additional production capacity.
Even in this case, it is nowhere close to the 6 week delay that some vendors are already experiencing at this early stage (and with delivering less than 10 Beacons mind you).
In short – we are already prepared for a much higher demand level, so you can depend on us to deliver the goods and services you want. ASAP.