A Quick-Start Guide to Beacon Installation and Maintenance [Free download]

August 18, 2016

The combination of the newest generation of beacon hardware and a massive upgrade in the capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0 means that the applications of beacons have grown far beyond what you may have read about even half a year ago.

The endless applications of these powerful tools are reaching new industries and more businesses are taking their first steps into the world proximity solutions.

We’d like to help anyone dealing with the basic but important issues of:

  • turning a simple POC into a full beacon deployment
  • managing the upkeep of your beacon infrastructure.

Kontakt.io has put together a few tips and reminders to make the installation and maintenance of a beacon ecosystem easier and help keep it running perfectly.

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Beacon installation: get a good start!

The planning, installation and maintenance of a beacon ecosystem are all interlinked, and making the right choices in the one stage makes the next one that much easier. Remember that deploying beacons is a technical matter. It involves a degree of familiarity with some best practices regarding how to use the hardware and how to optimize it for your environment.

This is true right from the beginning when you take your first beacons out of the box to see what they can do. 

  • Are you testing your beacons in the right way?
  • Are you taking all relevant environmental factors into account?
  • Do your test conditions accurately represent the space where your beacons will be deployed?

These are the kinds of issues that can put you on the wrong path immediately if you’re not careful. We can help.

How to set up beacon?

Before it’s time to flip the switch and go online with your beacon deployment, you have to make some important choices about two aspects of a beacon’s performance that can significantly impact its battery life - the frequency and strength of the beacon signal. The faster the frequency, the better the user experience. The stronger the signal, the greater the range the beacon has.

The trade-off comes in battery life, since a higher frequency sent with greater power takes more of the limited energy the battery has. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that faster and further is always better.

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Beacon maintenance

Beacon infrastructures require different amounts of ongoing maintenance depending on their size. Large-scale deployments require more than just hardware, they need expertise and know-how to keep them operating at their best. Kontakt.io now offers its experience as the world’s leading beacon hardware supplier in the comprehensive design, deployment and maintenance of larger beacon ecosystems.

Read more about how Kontakt.io can help with your proximity solution needs.

We’re ready to help

The issues you’ll find in the Beacon Installation & Maintenance White Paper are a good place to start if you’re just becoming familiar with proximity solutions and want to learn more. Remember that Kontakt.io’s Customer Success team is always on standby and ready to help if you’d like more information about any aspect of beacon deployment.

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