5 Steps to Make Your App Irresistible

Beacons are powerful tools that make your app deliver fantastic contextual value to your users, but by themselves they won’t make your app irresistible. With 9000 customers developing mobile apps in 88 countries, we’ve seen a lot of good and bad apps go by. Here are the 5 common elements we’ve found make apps stick on people’s phones like glue.

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How to make irresistible app?

Step 1. Know your customers

There is no one proper beacon solution. There are umpteen possibilities for what you can do with proximity–choose the most crucial for your app and nothing more. Before you start, think about your goals and also the people who are critical to achieving them. Who are they? What are they interested in? What problem do they need solved?

Step 2. Add value

Users don’t want to download another spammy marketing application, so you need to make sure you’re different.
Provide something that responds to their needs, whatever it is.  It may be discount notification, customer service, indoor navigation, product or shipment details, easy and fast payments, or anything else you can imagine.
Use the data you collect to personalize communication with users: context is king. Don’t just personalize with their names. Provide information based on their personal preferences and expectations instead of spamming them with every single message you can think of

Step 3. Add even more value

Unlock some special features for people who use your app. Celebrate your loyal customers!
Imagine a situation when a shop assistant notices your user approaching checkout. She calls them by name and lets them pay immediately, without standing in line–just because they have an app installed! Or arrange a VIP zone that opens automatically only for your app users. Do you still think that people wouldn’t download your app?

Step 4. Don’t be creepy

Consumers have a lot of F.U.D. about beacons and proximity. When abused, you can collect all kinds of creepy data about your users with beacons and their phones. Don’t be that guy; you don’t only drive uninstalls of your app, but you also hurt the industry in general. Be clear about what you collect and why, and stick to the “less is better” approach.

Step 5. Learn the lesson

Draw conclusions from all the data you collect. There are many easy-to-implement analytics packages for apps, and you should definitely have good granular data of your app’s usage. Analyse what features your clients liked most, what worked and what didn’t, and use that to improve your app performance. The better your app becomes, the more people will want to have it on their smartphones.
Making your app sticky is one thing, promoting it is another. That’s a whole ‘nother topic that’s way outside the scope of what we’re talking about here, but it’s just as crucial as good app design.
The key to an irresistible app is understanding the relationship between your and your customers. The only limit here is your creativity. But the good news is if you use your imagination to reward your clients, you’ll be rewarded too.
Good luck!

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