10 Youtube Videos on Bluetooth Beacons to Whet Your Appetite

May 29, 2017

Name an IoT topic. Chances are, no matter what comes to mind, there’s boatloads of content available online. But what if you need a break from the walls of text? That’s why we got ten awesome youtube videos on Bluetooth beacons to keep you going strong without straining your eyes or brain (depending on the video). Best of all: no forms to fill out. Just click and go.
iBeacons Explained: 10 Things About iBeacons You Need to Know
Pulsate gives us a really good breakdown of iBeacon that functions much more like an overall beacon informational than just tech specs of the iBeacon protocol. From data to detection to hardware and use cases, this is a twenty minute walkthrough for your basic questions.
Good for: understanding beacon basics
Virtual Beacons & RTLS – Mist
Steve Statler interviews Bob Friday of Mist for beacon-dedicated youtube series Mr. Beacon. Like every episode, this one deep-dives into a particular topic and the interviewee’s personal industry knowledge. This episode highlights the evolution of beacons in RTLS. What better way to learn what we can do in asset tracking than from Mist? (Answer, there isn’t.)
Good for: insights into the RTLS market in relation to beacons
Understand the uses and possibilities of asset tracking
Developing with Eddystone beacons
Google Developers walks viewers through Eddystone and how you can use it. Rather than highly technical information, this is a decent introduction for developers looking to use Eddystone on their beacons.
Good for: developers looking into Eddystone

iBeacon vs Eddystone
iBeacon and Eddystone seem interchangeable—but they’re not. Here’s a one-minute breakdown on the differences. Supplement this video with our complete write-up.
Good for: A fast breakdown of the two most important protocols
Make an iBeacon app
This isn't quite a perfect walkthrough on how to make your own app as there will always be details specific to your project (and changes to the technology), but it's a primer for understanding how swift works with iBeacon.
Good for: developers working with swift
"Beacons for Good"
One of the more publicized use cases from Kontakt.io, the Beacons for Good uses beacons to help people with technology. This particular use case helps the visually impaired navigate spaces (which, you may know, is also the founding use case behind Kontakt.io itself).
Good for: learning about meaningful and unexpected beacon use cases
Mobile marketers: How the retail world is changing due to Beacons and Pulsate
It’s easy to find cheesy videos following a happy shopper around a mall set to inspiring stringy music. It’s less easy to find a video describing what’s going on on the other side. This interview focuses specifically on solution provider Pulsate but is also incredibly valuable because it goes through the process of how beacons in retail work. Good for those wondering why beacons in retail really matter and how companies interact with and use them.
Good for: businesses wondering what it's like to really use beacons
BONUS: Beaconized alpacas! Drop what you’re doing and watch this alpaca!

All about Beacons: Coffee with a Googler meets Peter Lewis
This episode of Coffee with a Googler examines the ways beacons have changed. They talk about developer’s view of beacons, Amsterdam’s open beacon network, and tech tools. Good for better understanding how Google wants you to use beacons. Need more? Peter Lewis also helps venue and business owners by explaining how beacons can help customers in this video here: Eddystone for retail / business.
Good for: understanding how Eddystone can and does work in the real world
IoT Beacons and Food Manufacturing
MindBowser and Statler Consulting team up to talk how beacons are changing manufacturing. They talk expectations, why beacons, and...Lego? You can also read more on beacons and Bluetooth in RTLS here.
Good for: getting the why and how of beacons in manufacturing
How Bluetooth Beacons Make Cities Smarter
This video breaks down all the ways beacons are being used to make cities smarter. The presentation includes oodles of use case references and emphasizes content over shiny, end user-directed polish. It’s rather chatty but good for understanding the many possibilities. The same channel also includes videos on sports, marketing, and more.
Good for: a breakdown of the almost countless ways beacons are really changing cities
Hot Bonus! Our Fleet Deployment and Management webinars can help you deploy and care for your beacons.

Hannah Augur

Content writer / tech blogger / geek based in Berlin. Hannah reports on all things tech and has a medium-sized tolerance for buzzwords.

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