Inexpensive wireless data, an explosion in cloud adoption and AI has made it easier for organizations of all types to gather location and sensor data in ways not previously possible. But that data often comes from proprietary technologies, is challenging to contextualize, and complex to analyze. We at are changing that. is a leader in location IoT. Our mission is to simplify the delivery of location and sensor data insights. We create the data foundation that drastically improves and automates decision making in resource planning, operations, and customer experience workflows.’s portfolio of complete IoT and location solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations. Today, we serve over 2,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to manufacturing, healthcare, airports, governments and public spaces. They use to reduce emergency incident time, decrease asset search-times, introduce activity-based-costing, automate manual processes, digitize physical order traceability or prevent machine downtimes. was founded in 2013. Back then we developed the first enterprise graded Bluetooth LE beacon supporting iBeacon and Eddystone. With more than 2,000,000 devices deployed today, we still consider ourselves among the world experts in Bluetooth IoT. Our growing team of 50 employees is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Krakow and Berlin. Our team has raised USD $10M from Credo Ventures, Heartcore Capital and iEurope and invested more than USD $30M in our technology and R&D.

Our Customers in Numbers


Founded in Krakow (Poland) with offices
in San Francisco (USA) and Berlin (Germany)


in VC funding


Bluetooth devices deployed and loyal base of 20,000+ partners and customers globally

Our Team

Philipp von Gilsa


Lukasz Gargasz

General Manager

Lukasz Szelejewski

CTO Infrastructure 

Rom Eizenberg

Chief Revenue Officer

Prateek Gera

VP Customer Success

Tomasz Stasierski

Head of Operations

Joanna Wolczanska

Head of HR & Legal

Pawel Stokowiec

Software Engineer Lead

Dawid Crivelli

Product Development Engineer

Marcin Kwiecien

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Ziobro

Test Engineer

Adrian Penpeski

Customer Success Project Manager

Marcin Kacik

Customer Success Engineer

Aneta Ciurkot

Product Marketing Director 

Anna Piasna

Marketing Specialist

Orkun Gunduz

Business Development Director

Rafal Trjanski

Sales Director

Maria Ortiz

Account Executive

Joanna Zięba

Sales Support Specialist

Aneta Czesak

Business Operations Intern

Ewelina Chorazy

Financial Controller

Barbara Hawro


Renata Matuszewska

Office Coordinator

Kamil Przetocki

Assembly Area Lead

Tymoteusz Midek

Logistic and Planning Specialist

Jakub Bielecki

Delivery Operations

Igor Predki

Delivery Operations

Jakub Leczynski

Delivery Operations

Mateusz Kopec

Delivery Operations

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[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]