Things to do in Mexico

Bullfighting and rodeos are the main attractions in Mexico. Although, in addition to these entertainments, the country is ready to offer tourists a lot more interesting things.
Arena Plaza de Torom holds bull fights every Wednesday. Bullfighters demonstrate their skill, agility and ability to the public by gracefully moving away from their opponent and his sharp horns. By the way, everyone can try on the role of a bullfighter and fight with a real, albeit small, bull. A real fighting bull is released only at the end of the performance, and the bullfighter really kills him, which ends the weekly performance.

Every tourist knows that eating food bought on the street can lead to severe stomach upset. If you are not afraid of such a possibility, then you should visit the Condeza market. This place is located near the forest park of Latin America. After a hike in the park, many people have an appetite, but here you can enjoy real tacos, these are cakes, which are wrapped in lamb and seasoned with chili.
In Shkaret Park, tourists have the opportunity to visit the most interesting natural attractions. Here you can swim along an underground river, on which the Mayan priests used to perform their terrible rituals. Here you can visit a turtle farm, and then walk through the labyrinths formed by tropical thickets, you can also visit the island of tigers.
By the way, if you decide to visit this park, be sure to set aside a whole day for this, because in a few hours it just won't work completely. Well, if you visited the park and did not swim with the turtles in the pool, then you made a big mistake. Here you can also try different types of mushrooms. Although, if you do not like to take risks, then you can just visit one of the restaurants.
The small resort town of Playa del Carmen offers travelers many well-equipped beaches. In addition to the well-equipped beaches, tourists are attracted here by natural attractions; in local waters, there are large numbers of sharks, bulls. But they live in these places only from November to June. You can look at the predators both from a boat and under water. Extreme divers can dive as part of a diving group and swim alongside a pack of large predators. According to the organizers, such dives are absolutely safe, because bull sharks are not at all aggressive. In addition, if you are very afraid, then you can go under the water in a special metal cage. Because of large flow of data, a lot of spam, you can easily get lost in a huge mass of information resources and miss the necessary and relevant knowledge. Therefore, for those who set as their goal self-education and increasing the level of knowledge, there is a good solution - to purchase an invite to one or more private trackers of educational topics. More details about this feature you can find at This service offers for sale invitations to the best specialized torrent trackers, where you can easily find materials for study and business, which are guaranteed to be useful and working.