Bullet (2014)

An outstanding policeman nicknamed “Bullet” is distinguished not only by his professional achievements and fearlessness. His external data is remembered to everyone after the first meeting - a stern look, long hair, expressive muscles of the body - such an image is unforgettable. Frank “Bullet” adheres only to correctly set principles, he is a law-abiding policeman, which all criminals should fear. Otherwise, they will face death punishment, Frank does not stand on ceremony with arrogant and unprincipled violators of the law, which earned him his middle name. <br />
Of course, the entire criminal world is in search of a solution to the problems that Frank “Bullet” is repairing for them. Numerous attempts did not lead to anything good, and, finally, they find an effective leash for him - Frank's beloved grandson, in whom he doesn’t have a soul, will perfectly play the role of a pacifier for an annoying policeman. But the criminals in vain hoped for a favorable outcome of what was planned, with their deed and theft of the boy they angered Frank to such an extent that they had not even guessed before. "Bullet" goes in search of his beloved grandson, cracking down along the way with every member of the criminal community who comes across him in his way. It will be the most cruel reprisal, but will Frank emerge victorious from her, and will the innocent boy be saved? <br /> 1xBet mobile app on your phone, in APK format you can download https://technosports.co.in/2020/06/18/1xbet-mobile-app-for-android-and-ios/ it directly from the site after clicking on the button.