3 Guys Who Stirred Up Controversy on YouTube

YouTube can be a great place to learn a new trick, watch movie trailers, or finally post that video you've been yearning to post. Sometimes it's a good time killer in those rare moments when you're schedule allows, but sometimes YouTube can get you semi-famous. Here are three guys who stirred up controversy on YouTube, and got fifteen minutes of fame for it. You can convert all that videos to mp3 using Youtube to mp3 converter.


Jeff Bliss

Jeff Bliss - Главная | Facebook

A sophomore high school student in Duncanville, Texas went on a rant after his teacher asked him to leave the classroom. The rant, which last about one minutes and fifty seconds, verbalized his frustration with the teacher's style of teaching. Unknown to Bliss, his rant was recorded by a fellow student and eventually uploaded onto YouTube. His main complaints in the video were of all the "freakin packets" and didn't spend enough time engaging her students in discussion.

Though his method is being criticized and decidedly misguided, many are now praising Bliss for his passionate speech. Many believe that he has pointed out major flaws with the educational system, believing that teachers these days are too hands-off and that we need to majorly change the way we learn in America. Others disagree. They state that this as just another teen rebel, bored and sick of sticking to the rules in the classroom.

Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke (@JeffersonBethke) | Twitter

On January 11, 2012 Jefferson Bethke uploaded a video to his YouTube account, Bball1989. The video, which went viral on Facebook and other social networking sites, was Bethke reciting a poem he wrote. He pointed out common problems with the organized church, and put importance on drawing a clear distinction between Jesus and religion, summing up the first is far greater.

While many people liked this video, giving it a thumps-up and sharing it enthusiastically with their friends, there were some that disagreed with the main point that Jesus and religion are two separate things. Folks of all different religions made counter-videos with the same style of rhythm and scenery. Bethke himself appeared on talk shows with other religious leaders to have dialogue about the video's contents. It got so much heat Bethke is set to release a book in October with the same subject.

The Guy Who Posted His Wife's Meltdown on Youtube

All couples have disagreements, but it's safe to say they aren't half as bad as this one. The man in this viral video had enough of his wife's temper tantrums, and decided he'd record one to have proof. In the video, his wife is upset because she wants to go to the lake. She has a full-on, screaming out of the window, meltdown.

The video got a lot of views, but it also got people talking. Was it okay for him to post something like that on the internet? What kind of guy would do that to his wife. The man in the video, also the same guy who posted it, went on to defend his decision to post the video by saying she'd bad mouth him to her Facebook friends, and he needed to show everyone she was the problem.