January 14, 2021 Joins Cisco DNA Spaces to Expand BLE IoT Services for Cisco Customers

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San Francisco, CA – January 14, 2021 – today announced a new integration with the Cisco DNA Spaces platform to enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT solutions in workspaces, healthcare, education, and more. In integrating their cloud and IoT devices with Cisco DNA Spaces, the industry’s leading IoT services platform, will help customers drive business outcomes at enterprise scale. Inc. is an industry leader in indoor location and IoT services and BLE. Its mission is to connect people, locations and things to increase customer satisfaction, save costs, and improve productivity and safety. empowers vertical business applications, with open standard APIs and AI-driven event streams to help enterprises accelerate through digital transformation.


Cisco DNA Spaces is a powerful, end-to-end, indoor location services cloud platform that provides wireless customers with rich location-based services. It delivers the industry’s most scalable location-based platform, while being compatible across existing Cisco Aironet®, Cisco Catalyst®, and Cisco Meraki® infrastructure, as well as select Cisco Collaboration endpoints, with flexible deployment options. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a wide variety of pre-integrated IoT end devices, available in the IoT Device Marketplace, allowing Cisco DNA Spaces to deliver a true out-of-the-box and end-to-end IoT experience in the enterprise market.


“Cisco DNA Spaces and our partnership is a complete game-changer for the entire indoor IoT and location industry. With more than a 50% market share, Cisco owns half of the enterprise ceiling across verticals globally. By enabling all Access Points to function as Bluetooth LE gateways, Cisco removes the need for an overlaying network and creates the foundation for hyper-growth for any application-centric vendor in the space. And it doesn’t stop there—all of this is cloud-enabled and standardized. Customers can now onboard 100,000 IoT devices with one click, allowing for secure two-way communications and complete device lifecycle management. With the IT and infrastructure side covered, can focus on solving business problems with simple and delightful solutions” – Philipp von Gilsa, CEO was the first vendor of Cisco’s DNA Spaces IoT Device Marketplace, which went live in October 2020. The partnership offers key benefits to Cisco’s and’s customers:


  • Enterprise Scale: Standardized and seamless onboarding, provisioning, managing, security and monitoring of all devices via the Cisco network and Cisco DNA Spaces Cloud.
  • Cloud-Enabled: Customers can now consume location and telemetry data using the existing Wi-Fi network with one click from’s smart badges, asset tags, and other BLE beacons, tags, and sensors.
  • Immediate Value: With an existing API integration in place, Cisco customers can start using Apps for a variety of applications in asset tracking, temperature monitoring, and occupancy management today.


“’s integration with Cisco DNA Spaces represents a leap forward in the accessibility and scalability of indoor IoT services. brings product expertise across industries, whether in healthcare or in corporate real estate management, that combined with the power of a Cisco network can unlock true business value. Our joint customers can now utilize devices with any application and manage the devices in one unified IoT platform.” – Lucas Hanson, Sr. Product Manager Cisco DNA Spaces.


Cisco DNA Spaces is the backbone that, combined with, will enable Cisco customer’s success in IoT solutions including:


  • Environmental Monitoring: Safeguard pharmaceuticals and vaccines by automatically monitoring the temperature of refrigerators and receive alerts when compliance breaches occur.
  • Medical Asset Management: Improve asset utilization, reduce overspending, and improve productivity by tracking medical equipment, from wheelchairs to IV pumps.
  • Occupancy and Room-level Monitoring: Reduce office space and improve utilization and employee satisfaction and productivity by measuring meeting-room and floor-level occupancy, temperature, and air quality.
  • Rollcage Tracking: Reduce annual container shrinkage and bottlenecks by tracking roll cages and other carrier equipment between facilities.
  • IT Asset Management: Reduce asset shrinkage and inventory time by tracking critical IT equipment and defining location-aware policies.


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