Kontakt.io Supply Chain
Technology Suite

Improving performance of key assets and processes by analyzing data and automating workflows

In today’s fast-paced and customer-centric supply chain, digitalizing facilities and their assets to gain location and condition visibility is crucial for better risk management, cost control, and throughput management. Traditional technologies like RFID or barcodes are not passively providing contextual location information. Kontakt.io makes enterprise Internet of Things affordable and as easy as consumer technologies.

Kontakt.io Supply Chain Technology Suite enables turnkey solutions for logistics, warehouse and factory operators.

We provide you with the platform you need to efficiently run your facility: sensor-rich BLE beacons and tags and tailor-made location and condition monitoring software deployed in the cloud or on premises.


Start using your solution the day it is deployed.
With no cables, switches, readers, or confusing UX.


Use your smartphone as a gateway to manage your devices and collect real-time data. Access your platform from anywhere.

  Compatible with your existing IT infrastructure

Reduce required hardware to a minimum. Plug your
Kontakt.io solution into your WiFi network*.

*- Kontakt.io currently integrates with Ruckus. Other integrations are underway.


Track the location of pallets, parcels, and other assets to increase utilization and reduce equipment search times
Monitor vehicle presence
Get notifications about emergency situations
Monitor the flow and performance of workers
Track inventory replenishment
Manage access and automate staff check-ins, manage access to restricted areas
Monitor temperature and humidity
Receive notifications about machine outages


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Affordable, versatile, and easily implemented, Bluetooth tags are powering new use cases and enabling asset tracking for companies that were previously unable to afford it.



How are new technologies transforming Cold Chain monitoring? Join Kontakt.io as we speak with DHL’s Head of SmartSensor, Jan-Hendrik Höck, and compare RFID, BLE, and more.

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Skanska Construction needed a solution that would confirm the entry and exit of workers from the tunnel in accordance with Norwegian laws. Zence used 2 Kontakt.io Gateways to cover the 300m space inside the tunnel. They equipped each worker with one Bluetooth beacon whose signal could be read even as the employee drove past. The cards were read at 80km/h with 93% accuracy, largely automating the process and reducing the number of times workers had to exit their vehicles.



A global construction and mining engineering company (ASX-listed, AUD80M+ Annual Revenue) needed to monitor on-duty staff to increase efficiency and safety. Equipped with 200 Kontakt.io beacons, GeoMoby helped the client redesign their working areas and increase on-site productivity by 20%.


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