Kontakt.io for Solution Providers

If you develop location-based solutions for your customers, Kontakt.io is your go-to hardware and middleware provider. Having shipped 1.5M+ devices and worked with 20,000 developers we’ve gained the expertise that has enabled us to engineer best-in-class devices, develop enterprise-grade API, and integrate with various technology providers. Now it’s your turn to make great use of all these tools.

Why Kontakt.io

Simplified IoT

With our light infrastructure and well-documented API, we make developing an IoT solution easy. By making our infrastructure compatible with existing IT infrastructures, we simplify IoT even further.

Zero Risk Culture

We’ve built our brand and reputation upon our customers’ trust. Thanks to education, support, and integrations, we reduce IoT project failure to a minimum.

Mobile First

Mobile phones play a critical part in any IoT equation. We make it easy to integrate your IoT solution with mobile devices.

Community Support

No product is build out of the blue. We develop products and run support with agile feedback from our global IoT builder community of 20,000 and counting.

Solution Partners

Customer Stories


Ximity has made their mark catering to the growing expectations of modern event goers. By adding proximity to otherwise “okay” consumer-facing industries, they’re supporting navigation, push notifications, and everything else visitors need to have a good time. Plus, their data generation helps managers support staff, companies, and visitors all at once.

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Navigine has been perfecting indoor navigation with beacons since 2011. The New York based  solution provider with R&D Center in Moscow has installed beacons in over 500 locations including major train stations in Moscow, Kesko supermarkets in Finland, the Dubai International airport, and even Hamleys.

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Nearby Minds

Nearby Minds uses the Physical Web to give users the information they want and businesses the tools they need to understand their customers. Their solution has been deployed at the massive Donauinselfest in Austria and the CeBIT computer expo.

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Wezit powers interactive programs that make the world more autonomous and innovative. Recognizing Kontakt.io as a trusted supplier with a good reputation, they integrated beacons into their platform. They now offer positioning information paired with push notifications to give visitors the best experience possible.

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Rakete 7

Rakete 7 uses the Physical Web to make location-based digitization easy for everyone. The Physical Web is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of digitizing a location, expanding the reach of businesses who might otherwise be unable to invest in proximity technology and users who may not have downloaded a specific app.

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Planet Intus

The Planet Intus team has been using several technologies for indoor positioning since 2010. After the creation of iBeacon, Planet Intus was able to begin leveraging beacons to create more affordable, easier to maintain solutions. They’ve been working with Kontakt.io since 2014 and have deployed across several million square meters in Europe and Canada.

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