Kontakt.io Public Spaces
Technology Suite

Enabling stores, malls, museums, hotels, restaurants, and other venues to become
interactive and data-driven like their online counterparts
In today’s mobile-first and interactive world, consumer-facing companies struggle more than ever to meet rising customer expectations and provide great experiences. The necessity of remaining competitive not only in the physical world but also in the online arena, forces them to go digital. The only question is which technology to select. Public venues were the first to adopt Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and this technology still holds a strong position in this space. Kontakt.io, as a pioneer in BLE, is your natural partner for IoT implementation.

Kontakt.io Public Spaces Technology Suite
enables turnkey solutions for public spaces.

We provide you with all the tools you need to efficiently run your facility and engage with your customers: sensor-rich BLE beacons and tags and tailor-made software deployed in the cloud or on premises.


Start using your solution the day it is deployed.
With no cables, switches, readers, or confusing UX.


Use your smartphone as a gateway to manage your devices and collect real-time data. Access your platform from anywhere.

  Compatible with your existing IT infrastructure

Reduce required hardware to a minimum. Plug your Kontakt.io solution into your WiFi network*.

*- Kontakt.io currently integrates with Ruckus. Other integrations are underway.


Send location-based content and offers to visitors to provide a great on site customer experience
Offer mobile wayfinding to customers
Monitor and optimize people flow, manage crowds
Track the physical presence and movement of your visitors
Integrate customer offline behavior into your loyalty program
Monitor employees


Solution Providers



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Ospedale dell’Angelo, the largest hospital in Venice, needed to enhance the patient journey with a focus on reducing wait times and faster asset location. By implementing IoT and geolocation, 

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