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In today’s mobile-first and interactive world, consumer-facing companies struggle more than ever to meet rising customer expectations and provide great experiences. The necessity of remaining competitive not only in the physical world but also in the online arena, forces them to go digital. The only question is which technology to select. Public venues were the first to adopt Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE), and this technology still holds a strong position in this space. Kontakt.io, as a pioneer in Bluetooth LE, is your natural partner for IoT implementation.

Get the most out of location-based technology at your venue

Safety and Security

Create a safe workplace and quickly respond to emergency situations reported by your employees or visitors with location based safety services and two-way communication tags 

  • Locate the nearest supervisor or a specific employee 
  • Get notifications with specific location indicators when a staff member presses a panic button
  • Get alerts when a visitor enters or exits a specified area
  • Analyze detailed security reports about the usage of panic events and geofencing rules
Discover tags for people safety and security:

Asset Tracking

Reduce search times and CAPEX and improve staff productivity with location-based asset and people positioning and tracking.


  • Track the location of carts, vehicles, and other equipment
  • Analyze the flow of people and assets with dwell times and heatmaps
  • Understand space occupancy and asset utilization with analytics and graphs
  • Automate Human Resources analytics with attendance management, work time registration, and space utilization analytics
Discover asset tracking tags:

Condition Monitoring

Automate compliance monitoring, ensure the quality of goods, and eliminate manual paperwork. Monitor the temperature of specified items or areas with sensor-based condition monitoring with predictive analytics.

  • Get real-time temperature, light, and humidity data of storage rooms and fridges
  • Get notifications when the temperature drops below a specified level
  • Analyze temperature data over time
  • Export all data logs into a CSV file or to an external database using API
  • Be sure your data is tamper-proof as it’s stored in a blockchain-based database
Discover condition monitoring beacons:

Kontakt.io enables turnkey solutions for offices, hotels, schools, stores, airports, and other public spaces

We provide you with sensor-rich Bluetooth LE beacons and tags and tailor-made Bluetooth RTLS software deployed in the cloud or on the premises.


Start using your solution the day it is deployed. With no cables, switches, readers, or confusing UX.


Interact with patients on their smartphone screens. Use your smartphone as a gateway and access your real-time data from anywhere.

Compatible with your IT infrastructure

Reduce required hardware to a minimum. Plug your Kontakt.io solution into your WiFi network.


Solution Partners


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Ospedale dell’Angelo, the largest hospital in Venice, needed to enhance the patient journey with a focus on reducing wait times and faster asset location. By implementing IoT and geolocation, 

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