Product & Technology Stack’s portfolio of complete IoT and location solutions combine
hardware, software, and cloud to simplify and unify
data gathering, processing, analytics and AI.

Out-of-the Box
Products from
Hard-to Software

Simplified Starting Experience

& UI Experience

Seamless Business Outcomes ‘Apps’

Hardware Agnostic
& Modular API

Enterprise Expansion & Modification

Data Network
Effects & AI

Custom Events & Algorithms

Transforming Workflows

Improve decision making and workflows with location & sensor data.

Simon - Location Analytics Platform

Simon provides you with location and sensor data insights from physical processes, assets and people and improves decision making in resource planning, operations, quality control and sales. Unlike other platforms, Simon is not an empty-shell technology looking for a problem, but an application and workflow-driven software suite with apps, data models and APIs addressing specific use-cases. Simon is hardware agnostic. Cloud

Leverage’s smart and powerful infrastructure tools to onboard, provision, manage and secure a fleet of thousands distributed non-IP IoT devices with minimal operational expenses. Protect your devices and data with dedicated end-to-end security. Infrastructure Management supports third-party devices and vendors.

Hardware Agnostic Connectivity

The gateway and connectivity layer is responsible for pushing the location and sensor data from tags to Simon AI and encompasses mobile SDKs, as well as proprietary and third party hardware. We have partnered with Gateway vendors and Wifi Access Point Providers to provide, configure and ship the ‘right’ infrastructure for each environment.

Beacons & Devices offers a wide range of software-enabled Bluetooth BLE beacons and tags with sensor technology and multi-protocol support. With our firmware-development kit, we can turn any device with a Bluetooth radio into a embedded beacon. We support 3rd party devices and other technology to be the one-stop-device-shop for our customers. Don’t find what you need? Contact us here.

Why Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? is technology agnostic and works with a variety of protocols including NFC, UWB, WiFi or GPS.
However we are Bluetooth experts and believe there is a unique value proposition in the technology
that makes it the technology of choice for the majority of proximity-based location and IoT services.


No vendor lock ins – hardware-agnostic protocols like iBeacon and Eddystone.


Use the power of 10 billion mobile phones that can act as IoT and location gateways.



Capture location, temperature, vibration, and other sensors data from one chip.



Lowest TCO of any active radio technology with device costs of USD $10 at scale.


Long Battery

Low-power chips enable 5+ years of battery lifetime without recharging. 


Beacon Security Guide

Beacon challenges and solutions on how to keep your infrastructure safe.

Infrastructure Management Guide

Understanding the importance, benefits and capabilities of device management tools.

Partner Webinar with Bluetooth

How Simon AI and Bluetooth LE are simplifying asset tracking in operational environments.

Partner Webinar with Cassia

Delivering asset tracking solutions
with Cassia Networks in major verticals.

Looking for an
end-to-end solution?

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[Updated for 2020]