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Cisco DNA Software Demo Series - Cisco DNA Spaces

Feb 17, 10AM PST. Join us at the Cisco DNA Spaces live webinar where we share how our joint integration, replaces the need for an overlay gateway network and can deliver outcomes for your industry. You will learn the benefits of joining Cisco DNA Spaces, from understanding how easily you can deploy Indoor IoT services […]
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Live Webinar: Managing Physical Density & Contact Tracing in Real-Time

Join our upcoming webinar where teams from Avenues: The World School, Degree Analytics, Cisco Meraki, and discuss how BLE location services and real-time behavioral data-enabled Avenues: The World School to provide a safe environment for students and teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic, increase operational efficiencies, and make data-driven decisions.
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Bluetooth® Technology – Paving the Road to Workplace Reopening & Recovery. Join our CRO Rom Eizenberg on December 2 at the WORKTECH20 Global Virtual Conference to learn how technology can help your business apply return-to-work strategies and make your facility smarter, safer and more efficient.

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