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Space Occupancy, Contact Tracing 
& Environmental Monitoring Solution

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The industry’s simplest and most affordable space occupancy, environmental monitoring & contact tracing solution - all in ONE starter kit.
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Space Occupancy, Contact Tracing & Environmental Monitoring Solution

We Understand Post-Covid Office Challenges

Facility and office managers are overspending on office
space. Lack of 24/7 space utilization & environmental
monitoring data results in:
wasted office space due to wrong, utilization of hot desks, work stations, and meeting rooms
wrong space design including wrong number and size of hot desks and meeting rooms
increased carbon footprint due to unnecessary energy, AC, heating usage when the workspace is unoccupied

And unsatisfied employees!

It’s too cold 🥶
We don’t have enough free meeting rooms
Lucas (Office Manager)
We need more space
Jennifer (UX Designer)
No one ever uses these rooms
Patrick (Product Owner)
The toilets are not cleaned
We don’t have good coffee ☕
People use the meeting rooms to have phone calls all the time
Mary (HR)
Manual contact tracing is time consuming and error prone
George (Facility Manager)
I want our office to be like Wework

The solution is closer than you think…

Starter Kit at a glance

1 Portal Beam

A 9-in-1 cloud-enabled thermal camera sensor for Occupancy, Environmental Monitoring, Wayfinding, Contact Tracing and more using Bluetooth LE technology.

1 Smart Badge

A 2-button personnel, access control badge holder for Contact Tracing, Staff Duress and Safety Evacuation applications.

1 Portal Light

A plug-and-play Bluetooth Gateway that allows you to connect the Portal Beam to the existing WiFi network in less than one minute.

1 Year Kio Cloud Access

Visualize and store all room- and space-related occupancy, location and sensor information from the Portal Beam in the Cloud.
See the location of people on a map.
Get historical and real-time insights.
Set-up alerts and notifications for threshold changes in occupancy, temperature, air quality or contact tracing.
Consume all data and integrate into your applications via a rich EventAPI.
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Our Solution

Understand how people occupy space

Track the occupancy of buildings, floors, rooms and desks without infringing on privacy.

Using a battery-powered, GDPR-compliant thermal camera that doesn’t require cabling.
Our Solution

Understand environmental changes

Create a safer and healthier workplace. Reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Improve the employee office experience.

Receive alerts when temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, light, motion, and air quality deviate from the ideal levels.
Our Solution

Understand the interactions of people

Provide a safer and more secure workplace by knowing the location of your staff in case of emergency or covid-contact tracing with room-level certainty at a fraction of the cost of any alternative technology such as UWB, Wifi or cameras.

Tap into an immediate ROI from improved space utilization



Employee Satisfaction
15 min saved per month for addressing meeting room unavailability


Workstation Savings
per 10 workstations, or 5% of a 200-person office space


Reduced Carbon Footprint
per building per year, by optimizing energy, heating, cooling, and lightning

We Make A Difference By

Quantifying rooms and buildings across 9 sensors enabling indoor location, occupancy and environmental monitoring use-cases with one device
Creating room-level indoor location certainty for people and asset tracking use-cases
Allowing immediate usage of data by open APIs and free Apps for unlimited innovation
Allowing for immediate enterprise-scale as they complement existing Wifi networks via Bluetooth LE; for example with Cisco DNA Spaces
Accelerating Time to Value through no cabling and design for self-installment
Lowering the cost of ownership in the market
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It’s Time For You To Understand Your Building Better

1-year SaaS
Portal Beam
Portal Light (AC US/EU/UK)
Smart Badge
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