Environmental Monitoring

Automate your compliance and quality reporting.

Simon AI monitors the vibration patterns, temperature and humidity changes of your assets, machines and venues. Simon AI notifies you to monitor and act when anomalies are detected using AI.



Act and undertake the necessary steps to prevent machines and equipment breaking before they


Improve the Quality
of Products

Monitor the environmental changes of certain equipment or areas in real-time to ensure proper storing conditions.


Enrich Existing

Control the heating and air conditioning systems
based on a real-time temperature and people count data in a certain area.

How it works




Solution Dashboards Overview

Simple Google-style bar for searching based on owner, asset, location or any other metadata.

Live and historical location and sensor data.
Real-time notification as soon as anomalies from third-party sensor patterns are detected including light, temperate, vibration sensors.


Essential Guide to Asset Tracking Solutions

A technology and use case comparison of NBIoT, UWB, BLE, and RFID platforms in diverse verticals.

Simplifying Asset Tracking in Operational Environments

Discover ways to reduce search time, increase asset utilization, improve labor productivity with location-based sensor analytics.

See Simon AI in action!

Simon helps you analyze, monitor and predict assets, material and physical processes.
This visibility provides you with data insights that improve decision making in resource planning,
operations, quality control and sales.

Looking for beacons and tags?

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[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]