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If you’re looking to deploy Internet of Things at your company, trust Kontakt.io to provide you with the safety & security, asset tracking, or condition monitoring application solution you need. From the start, with our complete dedication to excellence and our vast partner network, we can quickly develop a custom, enterprise-grade application that will be as easy-to-use as your favorite smartphone app.


Case Studies

Skanska Construction needed a solution that would confirm the entry and exit of workers from the tunnel in accordance with Norwegian laws. They equipped each worker with one Bluetooth beacon whose signal could be read even as the employee drove past. The cards were read at 80km/h with 93% accuracy, largely automating the process and reducing the number of times workers had to exit their vehicles.


A global construction and mining engineering company (ASX-listed, AUD80M+ Annual Revenue) needed to monitor on-duty staff to increase efficiency and safety. Equipped with 200 Kontakt.io beacons, GeoMoby helped the client redesign their working areas and increase on-site productivity by 20%.


The largest healthcare facility in northwest Switzerland needed to provide visitors and staff with a smart indoor navigation solution. infsoft used 2,500 Kontakt.io Bluetooth beacons to make that happen. The hospital was surprised to learn about the long-life of their infrastructure, and they do not have to worry about regularly replacing batteries as they initially feared.


Popular Finnish chains K-supermarket and K-citymarket
used digitalized shopping carts to reach customers at the
moment of decision. With the help of SmartCart, the chain
is now delivering 250,000 smart ads per day and offering
all new capabilities to their customers. More importantly,
84% of their users plan to use the SmartCarts on their next


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