Carrier & Roll-Cage Management

Maximize the efficiency and movement of carriers and roll-cages resulting in higher profitability and customer service.

Simon AI gives you real-time visibility, helping you discover the whereabouts, flow and utilization of roll-cages and carriers of all types in warehouses and in transit across hundreds of locations. 


Reduce Carrier

Get a complete overview of all roll-cages and carriers independent of which site they are on or if they are in-transit. Receive notification on the last known position.


Operational Costs

Ensure the right availability of thousands of roll-cages and carriers across multi-location warehouse, supplier and distributor operations.


Customer Service

Prevent and act upon bottle necks due to optimized turn-around time; create the data foundation for future utilization and service improvements.

How it works

Wireless sensors mount onto the equipment
continuously stream location data to Simon.




Solution Dashboards Overview

Quick search

Simple Google-style bar for searching based on owner, asset 
ID, location or any other metadata

Carrier Location Dashboard

Show actual number of carriers vs. required
ones per location.

In-Transit Dashboard

Show which carriers are currently in transit with
which truck.


Simplifying Asset Tracking in Operational Environments​

Discover ways to reduce search time, increase asset utilization, improve labor productivity with location-based sensor analytics.

What Lean Manufacturing Means in the Age of IoT

Manufacturing operations executive’s guide to streamlining plant operations with accurate job time tracking.

See Simon AI in action!

Simon helps you analyze, monitor and predict assets, material and physical processes.
This visibility provides you with data insights that improve decision making in resource planning,
operations, quality control and sales.

Looking for beacons and tags?​​​

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[Updated for 2020]
[Updated for 2020]