New BLE-enabled Bracelet Tag BT19-4 and Universal Tag UT19-1 For Better People and Asset Visibility

New BLE-enabled Bracelet Tag BT19-4 and Universal Tag UT19-1 For Better People and Asset Visibility

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword. It’s a necessity for any business that wants to stay afloat in the highly competitive and customer-obsessed world.

With the increasing push for digital transformation, more and more global companies realize they need better visibility into their assets and workflows. Bluetooth Low Energy has proven to be an affordable and accurate technology for asset and people tracking, and its adoption is only going to grow. The need for sensor-enabled form factors that can address these specific use cases is obvious. This is why we are proud to announce that two new Bluetooth LE tags are joining the infrastructure family.

Meet Bracelet Tag BT19-4 and Universal Tag UT19-1.


Reliable Bluetooth LE tags for different environments and use cases

We designed the tags with efficiency and safety use cases in mind, and we worked closely with customers in the industrial and healthcare space to make sure the form factors and product experience meet the requirements of the most demanding environments. But the possibilities don’t end here. You can use BT19-4 and UT19-1 in many other verticals like education, leisure, hospitality, or other workplaces and leverage the versatility of the form factors and our infrastructure platform to make the tags work for your desired use case.

Both tags run on our award-winning firmware, offering enterprise-grade security, and are Bluetooth 5 compatible. Both are equipped with:

  • a built-in button that sends any predefined real-time feedback and alerts from users to the cloud when pressed. This allows for use cases like incident reporting (a person wearing the tag can report an incident or call for help with a push of the button), internal communication (calling a designated person, reporting missing inventory or other events that need intervention), task completion reporting, and more.
  • a motion sensor, enabling you to identify whether an asset or person carrying the tag is moving or not. This lets you detect idle time of employees and vehicles or unauthorized usage or undesirable movement of an asset.
  • a temperature sensor, enabling you to monitor temperature levels in the surrounding space. This is particularly useful in environments that require maintaining certain temperature levels, like food and medicine storage.

The Most Universal Tag on the Market for People and Asset Visibility

Universal Tag UT19-1

Universal Tag UT19-1

Universal Tag UT19-1 comes in a completely new form factor, enabling a variety of applications. With its flat plastic back and two mounting holes, you can easily stick it to walls or objects as well as slip a wristband, metal ring, or zipper through the holes to create the most suitable form factor. This is why it can be carried by people, attached to assets of all sizes, or act as a stationary beacon for environmental monitoring or traditional proximity-based use cases.

Universal Tag UT19-1 can last over 7 months at a one-second interval with a 60 meter range.



Introducing the Next Generation Bracelet Tag for People Visibility

Bracelet Tag BT19-4

Bracelet Tag BT19-4

Bracelet Tag BT19-4 is our second version of a Bluetooth tag in the form of a bracelet. It’s dedicated to improving people visibility, safety and efficiency.  It has two surfaces and two fastening variants, which allow you to pick the configuration that works best for your environment.

Fastening: Bracelet Tag BT19-4 can use a standard, reusable fastener, applicable for most environments where you’ll often need to put it on and take it off (think workplaces or schools). Alternatively, you can have it with a tamper-proof fastener which stays fastened, making it a great alternative to RFID wristbands in healthcare or elderly care facilities.

Surface: The Bracelet Tag BT19-4 can use a standard surface but if you want to use it in healthcare, pharmacy, or food production, you’ll like the fact that the tag can have an anti-bacterial surface. The standard option is white-colored and the antibacterial one is gray.

Independent of the surface, the casing of BT19-4 is sealed, making the tag waterproof (IP-67). Therefore, it’s suitable for outdoor usage and healthcare.

Bracelet Tag BT19-4 can last over 7 months at a one-second interval with a 60 meter range.



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